Why not load the page ?

Why not load the page ?

Anyone who uses the Internet, know what are the problems with the speed and the normal operation of the network.At the most inopportune time may decrease the speed of the Internet, or it may disappear altogether.Why is this happening and how to fix the situation?Especially if you need to find information quickly or urgently send e-mail, there is a problem when loading pages.After checking the connection, you notice that everything is fine.So why do not load the page?


Perhaps the reason for this is the crude cache.If there is no place, there may be a problem.It requires open, when you are in the browser "Tools" folder.It is in the upper right corner.Next, click on it, a window will appear.There is such a graph as a "Settings".Then go to "Network" section, where there will be a button "Clear Cache."Click on it.

problems with the provider

Another reason why long loading pages can be slow (small) speed of the Internet.If your ISP (provider of traffic) slowed down or if you have used all provided by the traffic, a problem arises when loading pages.You'll have to either wait until the charged Internet access (pay day), or book a package with a lot of traffic.It is best to call the help desk (technical support) customers.Find out the issue with the operator.Slow loading pages may be due to communication problems, interruptions in the system, as well as due to various preventive maintenance provider.


also the reason why the slow loading pages, can be viruses on your computer.Use Antivirus.Install on your computer such a program and scan the entire device.On the Internet there are both paid and free antivirus software.It can also be purchased in stores.If you already have such a system of protection, check it with the help of viruses on your computer.Perhaps this "parasite" is hidden somewhere in the downloaded files or folders.This can help eliminate slow boot problem.

device problems due to slow loading pages can be a problem in the computer.If you have antivirus system, you have checked and found no virus, and if the provider gives good speed, you may need to reinstall the drivers online.If the computer system has been previously damaged or installed the wrong drivers which exactly fit new.Drive with these gadgets to be with you.He issued after the conclusion of the contract with the provider.Try to reinstall the system, then re-install the drivers.This may be the answer to the question of why the page is not fully loaded.

We hope that our article has answered your question, now that you know the reasons for not loading web pages, and how to fix it.