Why does not go to the sites ?

Why does not go to the sites ?

our life on the one hand has become easier with the advent of the Internet, and on the other - much more difficult.Now we need to keep in mind much more information which relates to the use of browsers, passwords, logins, and so on.And also need to know why does not go to the sites, which may be the cause and how to fix them.


If you try to go to any site, and you can not, the reason may be that lost network connectivity.Go to some other site.If not, check to see if your computer has access to the network.

connection indicator is in the lower right corner.Hovering the cursor over the icons, you will see the words "Internet".If the icon is marked with a red cross, then there is no access to the Internet.This was the reason why does not go to the sites.


Before contacting your ISP, check the cable connection to the computer.It may be that he simply walked away, and because of this lost online.If it is connected, try removing it and connect again.


It is possible that the reason why does not go to the sites, very simple - you run out of money in the account.Some ISPs block access to the Internet for the first of the following month, regardless of when you replenish the account.


To find out these details, you should use the contact telephone number of your ISP and to clarify the information from him.If your score is all right, it is necessary to explain to the operator your problem.It is possible that you are not to blame.Perhaps, at this moment in your area carried out technical works, and that was the reason for disconnection.Maybe the cable broke, and to eliminate the damage will take time.In this case, your task - to send a signal that you do not have access to the technical service staff responded.


Consider another situation in which the cable is not present at all - you use a Wi-Fi modem.In this case, try to remember, do not you have turned off the last time the light?Maybe there have been some failures, and you accidentally pressed the button «Reset» on the modem?Or someone from the children fool around?In any of the above cases, the cause is a failure of the modem.

Restore settings you can independently, using the instructions in the modem, and documents that gave you the provider when you connect.Or you can access the operator of those.service that will give you a detailed instruction or will send a wizard for troubleshooting.

browser settings

There are certain types of Wi-Fi routers, which use proxy settings to connect to the global network.It is possible that you were in some cafe or facility and use wireless services.The settings are automatically saved in the browser, and is now using a different connection, they are preventing you go to the site.Check your browser settings, tab "Network" and "Network Settings".To clear the entered settings there simply uncheck unwanted items proxy server and port.

Features Network

Some particularly vigilant network can create "white" and "black" lists of sites.For example, often in a school's network have such lists.In this case, when you try to go to any site, you will be shown a message saying that the site is in the black list and access to it is prohibited.Of course, there are ways around this prohibition, but once it is applied - there is a reason.The law must be respected.Especially now, when passed a law on censorship on the Internet.


now try to understand the meaning of the basic mistakes that gives the browser when you try to visit the site.

  • Error 101: Switching protocols.This error indicates that you tried to connect to the site, but you are transferred to another, more appropriate to your computer the protocol, but it is locked Antivirus, firewall, or something else.To fix it, disable all protection and try again.If not - should consider more detailed instructions for this error on the internet.
  • Error 109: The resource is not available.Most likely, there was some mistake in the system or viruses interfere with its normal operation.Try rebooting the system and re-enter the site.If you can not, try to use this method: Error 109
  • Error 404: I Not Found.This error says that to the address that you entered, nothing.Check again the spelling of addresses.Perhaps the link is outdated, and the data has been deleted.

If you found other errors, it is better to look for detailed instructions on fixing them as the causes may be varied.