Why not open websites ?

Why not open websites ?

Many there are problems with access to various sites.Some of them do not get to go.Why not open websites?In this article we look at the most common reasons, because of which it is impossible to open a web page.

problems on

server All sites are located on specific computers called servers.On them is a special software that can produce errors.

If you see an error on the screen №404 or something like "server did not respond to the request," then the problem is in the server.Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do is wait.

problems on your computer

Another reason why not open sites, there may be problems with your equipment to access the Internet.Look in the lower right corner of the screen.If there you see a white-yellow icon consisting of a computer and a warning sign of the screen, then you have problems connecting to the Internet.Check that all cables are connected properly, and call your service provider (telephone number specified in the contract of the Internet connection), check your balance.If a positive balance, and the wires are connected correctly, you need to hard reset the router settings.They saw an unfamiliar word?Then again call technical support provider, call the master - it will help solve the problem.As a rule, it is a free service.

site got in the register of banned resources

In connection with the recent adoption of the piracy law banning many websites (varezniki, torrent trackers, as well as some others) were blocked.Get access to such sites, you can use different ways: using a proxy server, change the service provider, install a special browser, special services, plug-ins.We do not recommend use of prohibited sites, but you can use the search in Google or Yandex.Suitable is such a search phrase: how to access a blocked site.

problems with the browser

If you are an active Internet user, then eventually your Web browser will start to slow down, slow to load (or suddenly updated) pages, and generally will not be able to open sites.The reasons for this may be many, let's deal with the most frequent.

  1. It's time to clear the cache.Use the instructions from Yandex.Remember that when you clear your cache, you will lose your saved passwords.
  2. too many plugins.If you have installed on your browser are many different extensions, remove unnecessary, and the rest reinstall.This is especially true of various plug-ins to remove advertising from sites.
  3. browser version is outdated.If you are using Internet Explorer version lower than 10, Google Chrome least version 32, Opera version 20 below or Mozilla Firefox version below 27, then it's time to upgrade your browser.The best option - installation of a browser from scratch.

If you have mobile Internet

Unfortunately, most of the problems users are experiencing it with the mobile Internet.And it is not the fact that your operator does not allocate money for infrastructure development.Russia - this is a special country with wide geography, 3G technology (the technology on which work mobile modems) are not able to provide high-quality Internet.This is especially true of large cities with lots of noise.

More about solving problems of mobile you can read in this article.