Why not open the page ?

Why not open the page ?

It seems most people have grown accustomed to the fact that the answer to any question you are interested, you can in no time on the Internet.However, what if the correct page does not open?

In this article we will talk, why not open a page in a web browser and how you can solve this problem.

No Internet connection

The most obvious and most common reason for not loading the page in the Internet - is the absence of a network connection.The reasons can be many:

  • Mechanical damage modem, router, cable;
  • Technical problems at the provider;
  • Failure to pay the monthly fee on time;
  • set incorrectly or lost their network connection settings;
  • Away PC connection cable or laptop to the Internet or accidentally moved Wireless switch on the laptop, etc.

In any of these cases you will need to first make sure that your connection is something wrong.To do this, check the status of the current connection.If the connection can not find, find out the cause.First, check whether you have connected the modem or router properly, if there is money in the account, and after that, if the cause of the problem can not be set, call the ISP.

faulty browser

Did you have any problems in the browser.Try to run the same page in any other browser.If it will, then the easiest way is to reinstall the earlier re-used browser.You can also try disabling your extensions one by one - perhaps some of them prevents you to open the desired page.To do this, go to Settings - Advanced - Extensions.Tick ​​adjust enable / disable extensions (on the Google Chrome example).

presence of viruses

Very often problems in the browser start when your computer gets a virus.Some of them can be traced to changes made to the hosts file which it is possible to see in the registry, and the other is almost impossible to trace.To protect your computer from virus attacks, you need to always be active on your computer the latest version of the antivirus and regularly use it to scan your computer.

In addition, you can always try to clear the hosts file, especially if, instead of the requested page you give the same with the requirement to send sms to unlock.To do this, locate the file (C: \ windows \ system32 \ drivers \ etc) and delete all lines that do not begin with a "#".

Work antivirus

There is also the opposite problem - in some cases, the antivirus itself is blocking access to sites that are considered unsafe for your computer.Typically, such a lock is justified.However, if you are 100% sure that the contents of your desired site does not harm your computer, antivirus warning you can ignore and add a web resource to the exceptions.

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