How to make a chair ?

How to make a chair ?

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How to make a chair?

easy chair is used for leisure and for work or travel.Not to be mistaken with a choice of fine furniture read this article - How to choose a chair.

chair, made with his own hands, aesthetic characteristics can absolutely not concede models come off the assembly line, and it will be a truly exclusive version, which expresses your personality.In addition, the very low cost and you can make a comfortable seating area, for example, to give, using the materials at hand.

Materials and equipment

to manufacture chairs, you will need:

  • board and batten;
  • sheet of plywood (MDF);
  • foam;
  • material for upholstery;
  • stapler for furniture;
  • sewing machine or needle and thread;
  • hammer;
  • screwdriver;
  • furniture "corners";
  • saw or Bulgarian;
  • screws and nails.

How to make a chair from a tree

frame Making

First we need to decide on the future model of the chair.You can see the options on the Internet and match them with the materials that are available in your presence.If you choose a seat bag, the instructions for its manufacture can be found in our article - How to sew a chair.In this paper, we propose a variant of wood with straight legs, tables and rectangular backrest.

Production-armrests legs

  1. You will need 4 rails of 80 cm and 4 rail Dina 90 cm. Reiki cobble together or held together by a corner so to get two rectangular frame 90 * 80 cm.
  2. Place the rectangular frame on the long sidestwenty centimeters from each other.
  3. need to obtain a preform upholster plywood or fiberboard.
  4. Repeat all these steps by making the second armrest.
  5. You should have two boxes of size 100 * 80 * 20 cm.

seats Manufacture

  1. seat is going the same way as the armrests, just connect the frame-base should be using the boards due to the fact that thisof the seats will experience a greater load.
  2. seat measures 80 * 60 * 20 cm.


It is also necessary to collect a rectangular box of strips and planks, its size will be 80 * 65 * 15 cm.

frame assembly

  1. you need oneframe rails with dimensions 90 * 60 cm.
  2. Set-legs armrests on one of the long sides parallel to each other.
  3. Screw the frame made at the height of about 40 cm from the floor to the short sides of the legs.
  4. to the frame using screws or nails fasten seat box so that the seat is five centimeters from the armrests.This gap will need to upholster foam armrests.
  5. back is fastened to the seat and armrests at a right angle with the help of brackets.

Making foam

After making framework must be made upholstered foam.Obtyanut need all the seat but the seat bottom and the rear surface of the backrest.

  1. Make measurements are upholstered surfaces.
  2. Cut rectangles of foam of appropriate size.
  3. Attach them using the furniture stapler.

Attach brackets often enough to not slid foam and create a beautiful shape the future of the chair.


  1. armrests make the pattern from the material.
  2. cover dimensions depend on the thickness of the foam, please note only that it should firmly sit on the form.
  3. Sew the cover, put on the arms, bottom, attach the fabric to the wooden surface with a stapler.
  4. Sew backrest and seat cover, fasten his seat, pulling on good form.

Inspect the seams again and place the tissue attachment and start operation of a new furniture.