How to make the bed ?

How to make the bed ?

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How to make the bed?

If you do not like the bed, offered in the store, or just want to save considerably, our guide on how to make your own bed, have handy.Let's start with a basic set of tools and materials, and then provide instructions for the production of beds.

Tools and materials

To make a bed with their own hands, we need:

  1. saw, but rather two: the circular and miter;
  2. hammer and nails;
  3. screwdriver and wrench (better end, but come up and swing);
  4. clamp;
  5. tools to measure (ruler or square, tape measure, pencil);
  6. sandpaper different grits;
  7. stain, varnish, putty (woody), the adhesive (preferably a carpenter) and mineral spirits;
  8. rags and sponges;
  9. screws, staples, washers, nuts;
  10. metal fittings (to connect the boards).

From the materials we select primarily board 2 m long and 2.6 m (last - for a double bed) and a bar of appropriate length and thickness of 5 x 5 and 10 x 10 cm to the head can pick up anything - as an example.wooden shield of the appropriate size.As for the material, it all depends on your taste and budget, some options may be anything from pine and spruce to oak and mahogany.

Note that here we do not specify the exact amount of a material, since in each case will be different consumption.The only thing that can be recommended here - is to take the boards and beams, as well as fixing tool with the stock.So, stain and lacquer is better to take at least a liter.As for the boards and beams, take them in accordance with the pre-made drawing 2-3 plus a reserve, as anything can happen, and then run back to the store - a small pleasure, especially because the supplier can no longer be just suchproducts.

How to make a bed with his hands - frame

First, we need to make a bed frame.In general, this is the easiest part of the job, because the kind of external skeleton is not particularly important, and any errors that may occur during its manufacture, can be remedied.Next you need to determine what will be the height of the legs of the bed, and to add on to this height the size of the side panels.The legs are made from timber 10 x 10 cm, cutting away part of the required length.Most importantly, these pieces have turned out the same.

were cut?Now you need to attach and secure attachment (for this use nails or screws).It goes without saying that the attachment must be fastened to the same height in relation to one another - not lazy to take measurements at several times for each stage.

Base under the mattress

After we finished with the frame, proceed to the most important step - make the base under the mattress.For this purpose, we are measuring (or keep in mind) and saw off the length of a pair of boards, but with the calculation, so that they are shorter than the fixed length by the width of the legs.If a double bed and mattress is a need to manufacture and install the additional support beam.The beam is also attached with metal fasteners.After the main part of the base is ready, we proceed to the manufacturing and installation of crossbars.Saw the planks on the necessary size (based on the width of the bed) and fasten them with screws to the base.Sleepers play an important role in the foundation bed, as they perform, and additional reference, and amortization functions.

perform finishing

Once the base is ready, proceed to finish the frame.To do this, turn it upside down, then put specially selected for the finishing of thin boards, saw off them to the required length and putting a frame from different angles.You can simplify the process and saw off the board directly in the process of finishing, applying them to a particular part of the frame and making the appropriate notes.Now glue boards to the frame and align them, and then fasten them with clamps and leave to dry.

Now proceed to the implementation of the top edge.To do this, we take one more board and sawed it in such a way that the length of the workpiece is equal to the length of the sides of the bed, at the same time with the short sides need to perform a bevel angle of 45 degrees.And do not forget to make the reinforcement ribs, using a beam thickness of 5 cm x 5 cm. The edges must be glued and greater reliability nailed to the ground.

Now we can begin processing the legs.To hide the legs, it is necessary to saw planks of pieces, which will be slightly smaller in height than the legs themselves.This must be done to ensure that in the decorative material did not have any burden.Glue finishing boards to the legs and fix them with screws or nails, at the same time trying to make a fastener can be less noticeable.

Mount headboard completion

Take the board thickness of 5 cm x 10 cm, and their length should be greater than the height of the base, but less than the upper edge of the head of the future.Fix the board by means of clamps and drill 4 holes (2 for each board), and the hole must pass through the board, but also a bit through the leg.Now we put the washer and tighten the bolts, then install pre-prepared headboard.It is possible for a solid paste to the head of decorative plates.Now we have to handle all the surface sandpaper, first major, and then more and more shallow.You can also patch up any visible holes wood putty.After that, the surface being cleaned from dust (use a dry cloth), cover them with the right color stain and varnish after drying anchoring.One day, our bed is ready!

bunk and a double bed - drawings, photos and videos

To start a few drawings for those who want to make a bunk bed or a double bed.Here is a drawing for making a standard bunk bed frame with a picture and a base for the mattress.

As a standard double bed, we recommend that you build just such a helpful diagram indicating details.

There must be clarification on the details:

  1. the head size of 65 x 163 cm;
  2. the foot size of 40 x 163 cm;
  3. tsargi size of 200 x 20 cm;
  4. decorative racks for the foot height 42 cm;
  5. decorative rack headboard height 67 cm;
  6. decorative elements for the backrest length 163 cm (the width of the bed);
  7. frame bar 200 cm long;
  8. timber holder 20 cm long;
  9. central support 15 cm.

As for fabricating a metal double bed with their own hands, we offer you to review the video that you can see in this article.