Why does not the site?

Why does not the site?

of today have a website - is not an achievement.His page on the Internet has almost every shop, café, social and political activist, etc.Many bought manufacturing sites professionals.And someone decides to do it himself.Those who are engaged in manufacturing and support yourself faced with various problems in the course of its operation.

In this article, we list the main problems, why not running the site, and how these problems can be solved.

If the website does not open on your computer only

You must first check whether the site offers all Internet users or just you.If the problem is on your computer, most likely it is local.

So, analyze the situation, due to which more often than not works.What to do in such cases - see below:

  • Check whether the functions you have an internet connection.Perhaps you have somewhere departed contact or you forgot to make timely monthly fee, the provider had a break, etc.
  • Make sure you typed correctly the web address of the page - maybe you accidentally missed a letter or made a typo.
  • Try clearing your browser cache and reload the page to re-direct the server where it is located, using the key combination Ctrl + F5.
  • Try using a different browser - perhaps some plug-ins do not work in the browser you are using.
  • Restart the computer.
  • Spend a scan of your computer for viruses - maybe your device is infected and can not normally due to this function.
  • Try disabling your firewall and anti-virus - one of these programs can block access to the site you want.
  • As strange as it may sound, but try to check whether your computer is exposed to the date and time.If these settings are knocked down, you can not use the services of the majority of postal services.

If the website does not open, no one

If the site ceases to operate simultaneously for all Internet users, that can be following reasons:

  • finish the payment hosting site.
  • hosting company has updated its server hardware with which your site is not working.
  • your website or the server on which it was stored, hackers hacked.
  • site was blocked for posting inappropriate material extremism, child pornography or suicidal nature, for the promotion of drugs or for copyright infringement, as reads a notice appears instead of the main page when loading the site in the browser.

Many people wonder what to do if you do not work site.First and foremost, we advise you to contact your hosting company and check with them the reason why you stopped working site.There you will also prompt the most correct way out of this situation.

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