How to go to blocked site ?

How to go to blocked site ?

Most companies monitor the activities of their employees on the Internet.Moreover, that exercise control is pretty simple, enough to block access to certain websites using a proxy server, and then keep track of visits to web pages.That's why people are wondering how to go to a blocked website?Meanwhile, to get around the controls and open access to blocked sites, you need to get around the restriction of proxy.This can be done in several ways.

cache search engines

The simplest and most common way to view pages that use a cache of search engines.To use it enough, go to any search engine and type in the search box address you require a site and press "Enter".After that you should deploy a site in the search results and click on the "Cached" which is located next to the link to it.As a result of these steps, you will see a copy of the desired page, which will be stored in a search engine's memory.And you can see the information you need.


If you do not know how to go to the private site, then you will be a good way to use such a service, as the anonymizer.This user is a website through which the user can anonymously browse any websites, and do not be afraid to encounter the ban view.In addition, this service does not even leave any traces in the logs on the visit of resources.On the Internet you can find many similar services, enough to score them in the search engine.Also, some of them may be paid, therefore it is necessary to ask in advance about the conditions of service.Once you have found a service that suits you, you need a special field of the address bar to enter the desired website, and anonymizer in turn loads the page already, treat, and give it to the user, but only on behalf of the server.As a result of logging on to a blocked site, you will see in your browser address first anonymizer.The user can click on the different links within a page, while remaining hidden anonymizes.Often, however, this service is not necessary to use because you have to explain where the traffic is gone, if in addition to this service, you will not have visited.

If you are at work in addition to the administrator sites still blocked and instant messaging programs, you can also use anonymizes.To do this, you need to be first, using CGI proxies, go to the main ICQ website and click on the link "Web-ICQ".As a result, you will be able to freely access the network and communicate with friends, without having to install additional software on the computer.

service for compressed traffic

Service, similar to the anonymizing service is for traffic compression.However, in this case, all the information that comes to your PC, first passes through a proxy server, where it is compressed and forwarded to you.This method has the din negative - long wait for the download you require a web resource by using the free version.

Opera mini

To enter a restricted site, you can use a web browser Opera mini.It performs the same operations as the services for traffic compression, but it is more easy to use, and besides, the same is absolutely free.Using Opera mini it is possible not only to visit blocked sites, but also greatly save the working traffic.But you do on the PC must be installed java-emulator, as originally Opera mini was designed for mobile phones.

Now you know how to go to a restricted site, and you can get it for the necessary information.But in any case, it should be remembered that, despite the fact that the administrator can not detect your visiting on a particular resource, the provider will put the company account for the used traffic.So I do not often use the methods described above, since the administrator can understand and all of your salary will be deducted all traffic that does not find an administrator.