How to strengthen the Wi-Fi signal to a router ?

How to strengthen the Wi-Fi signal to a router ?

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How to amplify the signal Wi-Fi router?

Many people buy Wi-Fi router home to have access to the Internet without wires.However, it so happens that the router's signal does not pass through walls and other obstacles enough to comfortably use the Internet.In this case it is possible to find some means to amplify the signal.

about how to strengthen the router's signal using various tricks, you will learn below.

How to amplify the signal Wi-Fi router at home

There are many ways to solve the problem: software and technical.The former include different tricks for setting up the router, and the second type include various Soup and antennae that amplify the signal.Consider all the ways in detail.

Software amplification methods router

signal to amplify the signal, you need to configure the router.Next you will learn how to do it right.

Changing the frequency of the wireless network settings of the router

In one house lives a huge number of people that have Wi-Fi.It is because that the frequency channel matches networks decreases and the quality of your signal router.To change the frequency must be:

  1. Download and install the program to determine the network frequency.The most popular among them - inSSIDer.
  2. started the program, we will see all the Wi-Fi network in the area and their frequency.Look, what channels are not occupied from 1 to 13.
  3. finding channel, go into the settings of the router to the tab "Wireless Network (Wireless)» and find the option "Channel".
  4. Change the value to the right.Done.

After that, the signal will not overlap similar radio channels.

signal power Adjustment router

In some settings, router models can be found item "transfer of power" in the tab "Access Point".Having set this parameter to 100% reserve.If the parameter is already at 100%, it is not necessary to change anything.

Installing wireless standard router

standard 801.11n is now regarded as the fastest data.However, to go to the standard, it is necessary that all of the devices that will connect to the wireless network, able to recognize it.Otherwise, they simply do not see the network.To do this:

  1. View settings of the router in the section "Wireless Network (Wireless)» and put in "Mode (Wireless Mode)» the desired value.
  2. Click save, reboot the device.
  3. After that connect computers, tablets, and mobile laptops to the network again.

How can I improve reception on a laptop

If you have the new Windows 7 or 8 installed, you can also view and adjust the section "Economy mode".If it is determined that the economy mode works when connected to a power cable, the laptop will be less energy to devote to receiving a wireless network.It is better to set the parameter to the maximum when the laptop is connected to the mains.

technical means to strengthen the signal router

All the methods in this section are reduced to make the antenna more powerful router.To do this, you can put on the router antenna signal amplifiers like homemade:

  • beer cans.
  • foil.
  • Pieces of tin.
  • copper wire.

particularly strong growth in signal strength will not happen, but a slight increase will still be.

In addition, the antenna can be replaced by a more powerful.The store such antennas is not difficult to find.

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