How to wiki markup ?

How to wiki markup ?

Many have already mastered the job with the engine of the famous Wikipedia, but all the beginners is not easy the first time.How to wiki markup?This question torments many novice bloggers and future administrators of social groups.Today article, we look at what is a wiki-markup and how to do it.

What is wiki markup group

So what is a wiki-markup VKontakte?It's very simple - it is such a special language design web pages, you are creating the group.This simple, simple tool allows you to create unusual menu mean, tags and tables.Also wiki markup group will organize additional structure of the navigation controls.

Wiki markup - what it is for

This layout plays an important role in the design of groups in social networks.With its help, you can do any editing.Imagine you want to create a group of fans of some of the famous rock band.What you need to do to your group different from others of the same fan groups?Everything is very simple!It is necessary to draw the most beautiful group, make a comfortable movement on pages.In other words, you need to wrap a "candy" into a beautiful, attractive label.Of course, if your "sweet" is not tasty, it spit out without any pleasure, but what a pity will be if the information will be useful, but you just do not notice among the decorated competitors.So, we encourage you to reflect on the theme and content of the article, before you start writing.This will help us and the wiki markup of tables, menus and links.

Design group using wiki-markup

You've heard of the HTML language used HTML-layout?Wiki markup is somewhat similar to this kind of layout.Markup The advantages are that it allows for a much faster and easier to mark hyperlinks, structured text elements.Also, using wiki markup individual elements can be formatted.

Well, the main advantage of this layout is the ease of training.That is anyone the user can easily master the language.Optionally, a genius in the field of Internet technology.

little more about wiki markup - menu wiki markup

Wiki markup takes into account all changes pages.This makes it possible to compare two different editors to choose the best.For starters learn how to include a new section.To do this, go to the section "Information Editing", and then in its settings to put a tick next to the desired option to us.For example, to enable the option "Playlist" or "Video".And the name of the options you can change to any other.You now have two sections "Playlist" and "Video" - work on health!Next, using the menu layout, you can change the look of your menu group as a whole.

Create a separate page - wiki markup reference

Everyone knows what a page.But that is a page on the World Wide Web?Website - it is an element of accommodating the information, mainly for general viewing public.What is the link?Link - this is not a form of punishment in tsarist or Soviet times, is a kind of address, passing through which you get to the web page.That is, the wiki markup reference is none other than the creation of new pages.Well, or I imagine so imagine.It turns out that when you specify a certain text, pages are generated automatically.For example: [[Article name | text to links]] or just [[article name]]

After the automatic creation of the page, you need to go through it, then edit, cause a new page in a decent appearance.If you've ever worked in MS Word, then you probably know shortcuts Ctrl + B, Ctrl + I, Ctrl + U. I knowingly started talking about the editing of the text.Beautiful design, as stated above, means a lot!For example, an exclamation point in the last sentence outlined that this proposal should pay special attention.Also, it is with special text selection, such as: F, K, C. To select text using special tags.

Some text selection can be performed by multiple tags.This is due to the fact that the wiki markup supports the use of simple HTML-codes.Therefore, if you do not know or have forgotten the wiki tag, try to use HTML-tag for the same purpose.For example in Tag Bold Wiki edits - `` Bold text `` may be replaced by HTML-tag - Bold text b & gt ;.Remember that many HTML-tags work on wiki engine.Also do not forget about Vicki smart bots that recognize HTML-tag, and convert it into a wiki-tag.

Now you know what a wiki markup VKontakte, where and how they are applied.It is worth noting that Wikipedia is built on a particular engine, though not difficult to learn, but still requires some experience.Here it is necessary, they say, to get the hand.So if you think that everything should turn out right the first time, you are mistaken.Be patient, because in reality?it's not that difficult, even for someone who only recently got acquainted with the Internet.Of course, it is impossible to cover everything at once, so read specific tutorials about Vicky, looking for information on the Internet and just try!Good luck to learn wiki markup!