How to make an icon ?

How to make an icon ?

Company logo is of great importance for its development and promotion.In the case of the site, this role is assigned to its icon, as its user recognition is much faster read a headline or text page.Make the icon is quite simple for the site.


favicon must be a site icon (or icon) for the first time began to be used by Microsoft to denote added to the "favorites" of sites and track the popularity of resources.Therefore, the basic format is still considered the ICO.That it recognize absolutely all browsers.

is theoretically possible to provide a site icons in PNG, JPEG, SVG, APNG, and even GIF (animation) format, but they will be read (or not performed) each browser is different.

also made use of the image with the size of 16 by 16 pixels.The rest of the favicon can be anything that is be any picture.However, given the small dimensions, it is better to use it as an image for the simple shape (the same logo, for example).

Adobe Photoshop

Possessing skills in any graphics program, you can make a site icon with it.It's enough to draw any picture or reduce the size of ready-made pictures.In Adobe Photoshop it is done so:

  1. run the program;
  2. open the "File" menu;
  3. select the item "Open ...";
  4. find the desired image on the disk and double-click on it;
  5. summing point to "cap" the Open Image window and click the right mouse button;
  6. in the right-click menu, select the item "Image Size ...";
  7. remove the bird in the window that opens with item "Maintain aspect ratio" (if there is);
  8. in the "dimension" set in the fields "Width" and "Height" value of 16 pixels;
  9. press the button «OK».

Then save enough icon called favicon with permission.png ».So it will be visible in all major browsers (except Internet Explorer).To convert a favicon to ICO format will have to use some converter.

Convert to ICO

best for these purposes is Format Factory utility.With it you can convert almost all popular formats such as video and audio files, and images.To transform created in the graphic editor favicon to ICO using Format Factory you must:

  1. run the program;
  2. open the "Photos" section (on the left);
  3. click "All in ICO»;
  4. in the window that opens, click on "File";
  5. find your image on the disk and click on it twice;
  6. click «OK»;
  7. press the "Start" button in the main window.

Online services

Quickly draw an icon for the site, or convert an existing picture for this purpose can be through a variety of online services.

To create a favicon in this service enough:

  1. go to address;
  2. in the "Draw the icon" draw the desired object (choice of colors is located on the left panel);
  3. click "DOWNLOAD FAVICON»;
  4. click "DOWNLOAD" in the new window and specify the location to save the created icons.

Allows you to convert any image into icons for the site.To do this:

  1. go to address;
  2. click on «BROWSE»;
  3. select the desired image on the disk;
  4. click «CREATE»;
  5. click on the arrow in the right panel and specify the location to save the created icons.