How to make a sitemap ?

How to make a sitemap ?

When you create a new website or blog, the first thing you need to work on files robots.txt and sitemap.the xml, it's the source files, which help search engines and indicate which pages to scan and display in search results.However, if the first file - robots.txt - usually automatically it is already present (for example, if a site is placed on WordPress or Joomla), the sitemap.xml often absent.And his presence is necessary.And most of the people here are asking how to make a site map?When you create robots.txt, it indicates where the site map is located, as well as all the parameters concerning the auxiliary scanning, because the basic information for the search engines is stored on the sitemap.xml.

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Sitemap sitemap.xml - this is a file in which you want to create a site map.It is also occasionally referred to simply as sitemaps.It is of two types: sitemap.html and sitemap.xml.The first type of site is much easier to map, because it can be set up even a simple user who has no kartostroitelstva skills.To create a sitemap, you just need to go to each page of your site and copy the link.

To create a sitemap second type of card.xml you need is already great knowledge kartostroitelstva, because the second type is characterized in that it in addition to links to the site indicates the date the article was published and last update.This type of card is a simple and more understandable to the search engines, so often used, but to create it without special knowledge is impossible.

Writing second card is very long and tedious business, so it is best to use a sitemap generator, where the end result is you'll have a site map online (Saytmetrika).This site is very simple: you specify the URL of your website, pass protection bot, specify the e-mail and wait until there is a creation of your site map.If you do not like the service, you can simply write in the search engine "sitemap generator online" and find many other good and free services to help you create a site map.

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To create a site map on WordPress, you can use a plugin called Google XML Sitemaps, which will ask you to register, and then fill in all the required indexing terms, and then he will create and place your sitemap.In Joomla you can use Xmap, which is similar to the previous plug-in, but is somewhat easier to use.It also indicates where to store site map and how often to update.