How to make a logo ?

How to make a logo ?

logo or the logo - it is a way of any project, which is primarily drawn attention.The main objective of the logo is to draw attention to your site, service or product users, as well as effective allocation of your site among many others.The presence of the trademark always increases consumer confidence and perceived as a reliable guarantee.Always remember that the visual image is remembered better than text.That is why regular visitors will remember your site as soon as they see the logo.A small addition to the visual perception of the site sometimes it becomes an icon that is placed in the browser or search engines next to the address of your site.

Create a logo in several ways

  • logo creation by specialist
  • creating online
  • logo independent creation of a logo by means of special programs from Paint to Photoshop

designing a logo for a major project, sometimes really need to use the services of a professional designer.This is a fairly common service for which you have to pay.What is sometimes not very desirable, if your site is not a commercial project, and perhaps not at all large.To give your site individuality possible and quite independently, without any cost

Creating a logo for free online

How do Logo - fast, free and easy?In this regard, usually helped free online services.Using ready-made templates and performing a series of simple steps will help you in a very short time to create your own logo.Another advantage of creating a logo for a site online is no need to download and install software, with further proceedings in their settings.

Images logos are very simple, you need to select the original image and then simply fill in the form, where you specify the desired color options, effects, fonts, and so on.You just have to download and install the finished logo on its website.

Online services differ functionality, quality templates for logos and their quantity.There are services that do not support Cyrillic fonts, so that the logo is created with only the use of Latin letters.

LogoMaker and CoolText examples of services involved in creation of logos for free.

Creating a logo using Photoshop

Independent logo creation requires skills of working with special programs, as well as imagination.Thanks to Photoshop, you can create beautiful and original logo.How to make a logo in Photoshop?To do this, run the Photoshop program, then select "File" and click on "create".A further matter of technique.Of course, you must possess at least minimal skills to work with this program.

Photoshop allows you to use a variety of "chips" and tricks by which you can create a logo for the site as simple and any complexity with different effects and associations.

When the independent development of a logo, be aware that the visual construction, they are divided into three types:

  • text logos - they present only the text, it usually is the name of the company
  • graphic logos - there is always a visual image that is nottext
  • mixed logos - they are united and perfectly complement each other text and visual image

Let's look at how to make colored logo.For this you need Half-life program.First, you need to start the program and automatically convert the image into a 256-color view, and then have to work with effects.

logo is compulsory and an integral part of any project, as a compact character that renders an image of the company or site.Logo always paves the way for the site, and in ideal cases can lead the company to market leadership.No matter how you create your logo, using the work of professionals or independently, the main thing that he was bright, memorable and reflect the essence of your company or site.

We have considered ways to create a logo for the site, but on our website you can see the logos of the companies developing the rules at this address: "How to create a logo?".