How to make a scroll ?

How to make a scroll ?

scrolling occurs when a small size the form to place the large text or image.By choosing different options, how to scroll, you should focus on a few possible solutions.First, download the Internet site templates pages with the possibility of spins.Based on their page, you can register for the site.Second, download java scripts, or other, write in a html-code and attach them one way or another page.

Sometimes it is necessary to give the scroll bar with the overall styling of the pages of the site.How to make a scrollbar beautiful and give it a different color?To do this, you must do the following:

  1. Open Notepad or any html editor page on which you want to change the scroll bar.
  2. between tags insert the string to describe the style of the scroll bar.
  3. Then specify the parameters of lines, describes the style, color.These settings determine the color of the arrow, scroll bars, strip borders.

Thus, you can customize each page, giving the required scrollbar color scheme.This will give the site personality and originality.There are other ways to solve the problem with the design of scroll bars, however, this is the most simple.When the complexity of determining the color should use special programs that give color number.

Sometimes it is necessary to make a smooth scrolling on the web page.When the upper part are links that lead to specific pages of text on a page or to certain parts of the page.This scroll is very convenient when a large amount of text and allows for a quick transition between sections of text or pages.To determine how to make a smooth scrolling page website, you should consider this option:

markup site with an unordered list and several sections:

  1. page opens in the editor.
  2. prescribes the style settings, colors, and refers to the parts of the text, or page where you want to go after clicking on one of the points of the scroll bar.
  3. each position where a transition is assigned the same value as when specifying in the preceding paragraph.
  4. Start page in the browser and check the performance of each link.
  5. debug and eliminate defects.

add JavaScript to the page.The scripts can be downloaded from the Internet.Each script has certain features that should be taken into account in its application.

can use animation effects When you add scripts, or abandon them.All this is indicated in the script.For vertical and horizontal scrollbars individual scripts are used.The script is added to the page where you want to scroll.The need for scrolling is caused by various factors, from the aesthetic design of site pages, to the ease of use when working with large texts or images.If JavaScript is not running or is turned off, the scroll bars remain.However, ease of use is reduced.

Availability spins can not only give the original look of the site, but also greatly facilitate the work with him, that will be an opportunity to attract visitors to just such a site.High-quality design of pages depends on the level of preparedness of the developer.This level is determined not only developer skills, but also his experience.What can significantly affect the development of the site and its design, as well as ease of use.All this can be reflected in site traffic and ranking.