How to make a forum ?

How to make a forum ?

Recently, the popular Internet communication in various forums.Many users are wondering how to make the forum itself.Several online resources provide the opportunity.

How to make a forum on the site for free?

Some sites provide free subdomains for creating websites and forums.The most popular is, of course, NAROD.RU (narod. Yandex. Ru).It can make your website and forum anyone, even a novice.Another similar resource: HOLM.RU (www. Holm. Ru).Their total minus: sites and forums have been created, and nothing can change them.Although there are sites that provide the opportunity to do everything yourself.UcoZ (www ucoz ru..) - One of the most common.

Making Forum UcoZ?

Once you have finally completed the registration of its site, has launched the necessary services, you become the control panel is available (Home Page).Accordingly, when you click on "Forum" page opens you online service settings.

The control panel has a lot of tips and additional instructions.

text that appears in the top bar of the browser, - name of the forum (which was the name given forum will be saved in the tab).If you tick the box marked, the forum will participate in the ranking and the top UcoZ forums open additional expansion with a dedicated set of parameters (description of the forum, its category name for a stamp).With a design forum may be different options (or alter an existing single take), to the issue we will return.

small disadvantage is that there is no way to quote from the message text as a form to reply to a message is on the self page.But thus saving bandwidth.

links, icons, and a set of buttons when pressed reveal an interface standard set of buttons.Accordingly, when you click on the name or image of the set, you can view the name and type of file icons and buttons.

If the standard options you are not satisfied, it is possible to download the original image icons and buttons.To do this in the right list, you must choose the option "Own Set" (important to remember that the amount and the name should be standard).

consider options group for configuring the convenience of our forum.Options under the name "Number of posts per page" and "Number of topics on the page" will give you the opportunity to build forums in almost any design.Fans will be pleased to send large text "Maximum length of the message" (40 thousand symbols make it possible to share the whole story, if desired).

There are settings to disable some (someone unnecessary) functions.Views on the forums Ucozpokazyvayut unfamiliar to many general update, and the number of registered members who met with the theme.Thus, disabling "Legends Forum" will help you significantly save space on the page.

Another plus UcoZ - you can enter a user status (Offline / Online).You can also easily replace standratnoe image on what you like.This is done on the control panel in the "Substitution of default phrases" tab.How to make a beautiful Forum UcoZ, you know.But there are a few points that should be noted.

more tips

  • topic can be considered hot, when it reports to the specified number.You can adjust the number of messages, from 10 and up to 50, in increments of one.
  • How many days users can edit their own posts?It is recommended not to put more than one day.
  • maximum size of downloaded files may vary up to 1 MB (the default 500 KB).It is better to keep it under control, so that users do not "clutter up" the space.
  • Observe the "Who's Online" in the statistics of all users of the site.If you disable this feature will be considered only those users who are on the forum.
  • inform the administrator of the new record by e-mail, in my view, a very strange feature, with which you can only score a spam box.
  • opportunity to inform the moderators of "bad" messages can be useful lazy moderators switched at will.
  • Opportunity notification when answers by e-mail can be useful for those who have limited traffic.