How to treat a sprain ?

How to treat a sprain ?

Crick - damage to the muscle fibers or sections, connecting them with the tendons.With this injury, the person feels a sharp severe pain that hampers movement.In such situations it is very important to know how to quickly cure a sprain to the victim condition is not exacerbated.

Crick is due to unbearable physical exertion or severe stress.When you stretch the muscles except the pain may appear swelling, edema, and hematoma.

When you stretch the muscles used gels, ointments and creams, which improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation with pain.Good suitable means such as the "Golden Star", "lidocaine", "Venoruton", "Indovazin", "Hepar-gel" and others.

It often happens that stretching is confused with dislocation.About this trauma to find the article How to treat a sprain.

Stretching leg muscles

First aid for stretching legs - to apply cold to the sore spot.Suit ice chips, or just a wet towel.After 20 minutes, the leg should be wiped dry and wrap.If you do not move the patient limb pain subsides.

On the third day should begin warming up.Apply to the sore spot warm bag of salt or sand and a couple of times a day, apply iodine grid.

If possible, put a hot compress.Well will approach bandage, soaked in hot milk.Bandage the leg and cover with polyethylene.When the bandage is cool, it should be replaced.

You can also use special gels and creams.

Stretching the muscles of the hand

Many people do not know how to cure stretching his arms, without harming their health.Only for minor sprains permissible treatment at home, but it is better to consult a doctor.

To begin immediately put a cold compress on 20 crumple and repeat it 3 more times at intervals of 1 hour.Then apply to the affected area a pressure bandage (elastic bandage), do not hinder the normal circulation.Try not to move your hand and keep it elevated.On the third day you can start warming up.If the pain does not subside, contact a specialist immediately.

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