How to create a banner?

How to create a banner?

daily, each user of the web facing sites with a variety of banner ads.They continue to actively flooding the Internet.The network regularly appear hundreds of thousands of new web resources.Not surprisingly, at some point of time in any of the authors there is a logical question of how to create a banner for your own portal.

Practice shows that its development requires more attention.We must not forget that the quality ad unit - this is the face your website!

main options for banners

  1. To create your banner, you can seek the assistance of qualified personnel.Naturally, for the quality of advertising will have to pay.The most important thing is to choose an experienced specialist able to realize any of your ideas into reality.That is why to go for help should be a special web studio, which provide appropriate services for several years.You can take advantage of services such as, weblancer, where you can choose a freelancer is able to make the appropriate banner.
  2. You can choose to create a banner online.An interesting and simple service is considered bannerfans.It combines excellent functionality and the ability to work in a Russian-language interface.Thanks to this service, you no longer have to worry about how to create a banner ad.It offers users to choose from a huge number of design templates advertising.Thus, even if you have no ideas, then you can create a flash banner on the basis of ready-made templates.

All work with this service includes five stages.First, the designer specifies the size and background of the ad.Second, it creates a suitable text.This service allows you to change the style, font and colors of the inscription.In the third and fourth step you have to work on effects -. Frame, shadows, etc. At the end you can save the finished banner in the required format.

  1. can create a banner site, using specialized programs.For example, for this purpose is suitable utility Easy GIF Animator.This simple and functional program will allow users to create original and attractive banners of any type.She is paid.However, the program will help those who are planning to create a banner for free.Initially, each user will receive twenty-finding starts.This is enough to make some banners.It is extremely simple and intuitive interface of this utility.Thus, it will be able to work with everything.

Useful tips

  1. Create animated advertisements.As practice shows, animation banner increases the efficiency by 30 - 40%.It is important that it was not too difficult because a long time animation is able to dissipate the attention of every user.In addition, if you create an animated banner "heavy" to download, many webmasters simply do not want to host it on their own pages.
  2. Banners are required to be loaded quickly.The largest volume of quality ads - 9-12 kilobytes.Of course, it is difficult to fit into the scope of the required information, as well as stylish and attractive design, but it is very important!"Heavy" banners (weighing about 15-22 kilobytes) loaded for too long, that forms the users negative attitudes toward them.The best option is considered to be a banner weighing less than 10 kilobytes.It will be the most attractive, not only for today's banner networks, but also for other webmasters, visitors and other users of the Internet.The standard size of the advertisement - 88 x 31 ( "button").
  3. best color for the frame ad - blue.It is much better than all the other colors, which can be used for this purpose.As shown by numerous studies, this color is much more attractive for the users on the network and collects more clicks than any other.
  4. Try to use enticing and interesting titles (in the style of "yellow" press).Do not count on the fact that, if you manage to create their own banner (Photoshop), you will automatically force the user to click on it.The secret of a successful and profitable advertising is the use of catchy and intriguing title.The best technique in this situation is to use the same title as that on the page where the link leads to the ad.You can be sure that a user who clicks on your ad and open the page with the same title, with great attention to react to your web resource.
  5. most effective word that should be used in the title - "Free".However, remember that it is prohibited to have no explanatory message.We must communicate clearly explain to users exactly what they can get you free.The use of the word "FREE" in conjunction with an interesting explanatory text will provide an opportunity to significantly increase the rate of clicks.

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