How to create a logo ?

How to create a logo ?

in all kinds of business activity is very important, as you yourself are positioning, because the business is, first of all - communication.Choosing how to create a logo correctly - the first step in a business presentation.

Right logo will help:

  • in creating a brand;
  • The initial description of the blog;
  • will become the hallmark of life.

logo can be created in any graphics editor, and often the most simple graphics and logos are the most effective.

Tips how to create a logo in Photoshop

The following are the main stages of the logos.

  1. Plain Text.Using standard fonts from Photoshop such as Arial or Trebuchet may seem trivial, but often it works.Arial perfectly suited for creating the logo in plain text, and Trebuchet - for a long text in Russian.If the standard fonts are not enough, the network provides them an unlimited amount.
  2. positioning and gluing the letters.Talking about how to create a company logo can safely say that the effect of bonding characters create an interesting design ideas, moreover, to use it does not need specific design skills.However, you need to make sure that after its application the text remains readable.
  3. geometry.Geometric shapes are widely used when creating a company logo - plain text with the name can be enclosed in a simple geometric shape: round, oval or rectangle.
  4. abbreviations.The use of abbreviations is also a common technique in deciding how to create a logo beautifully and accurately.Often added to the abbreviation of its interpretation.
  5. Assotsiatsiativny number.When creating the logo of the company, it makes sense to use an image that is associated with the text, which is present in the logo.

More options how to create a company logo

know how to create a logo in Photoshop, and be able to do it yourself - a good option, however, it is necessary, at least at the primary level to own this is not a simple program.However, there are more options available to select the design of the logo of the future.One - site

This resource has a huge number of various stylistic solutions.After selecting the appropriate option - click on it.In the window there are a large number of options by which the parameters of the future logo should specify:

  • Design Your Logo - then enter the text that will be present in the image.
  • Font - Choose the font that the text is written.
  • ext Size - This field is set in pixels font size of the text produced by the logo.
  • File Format - option allows you to select the format of the image file that will store logo.It should be clarified that the expansion.PNG w / ┬╗and.PNG ┬╗differ from each other - in the first case, the image will have a transparent background, and in the second it is possible to specify a background color.

How to create a company logo in the other editors

Here are some resources that provide similar services:

  • OnlineLogoMaker - an online service for creating logos.It has a simple and intuitive interface and a huge choice of fonts.
  • Logo Ease - professional designer logos, much more functional than those described above.This service allows you to combine the logo text and images downloaded from your computer.
  • Online Logo Maker - a simple logo designer and intuitive for any user.It has a library of standard functions.

Sim Web Sol - The easiest service.Built-in Wizard helps to create a simple logo image in just a few minutes.Work it as simple as create a logo in Photoshop in a conventional editor.

examining these plain and simple services, you can quickly and easily learn how to create a logo with your hands, choose the design and text content.

course, a decent logo for a serious project with a substantial budget requires serious professionals - designers.Order creating the company logo can be on one of the stock exchanges of freelancing.Note, however, that such work requires a serious approach, and can last more than one day, because at stake is the face of the brand, for which it will recognize consumers in the future.