How hurt the kidneys : Symptoms

How hurt the kidneys : Symptoms

We are reminded of some his body only when he hurts with us.So it is with the kidneys.As soon as we have something hurts in the lumbar area, we once sin on the kidneys.But not all back pain associated with the kidneys.Since the kidneys hurt?

Besides kidney back pain are linked:

  • with osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine;
  • pancreatitis;
  • cholecystitis;
  • apenditsita,
  • cholelithiasis;
  • adnexitis in women.

by the patient it is very difficult to determine what exactly they hurt, so do not treat them yourself, drink strange herbs, take painkillers, and even more so to warm up the place that hurts.

In humans, the two kidneys, the main function of which is the formation of urine, this feature ensures homeostasis, that is, the body maintains a constant internal environment, bringing the body's waste products and purifying the blood.

Symptoms of kidney disease for back pain to go to the physician, who will examine you, or send already to a nephrologist or urologist.When the kidneys hurt, symptoms may occur following:

  • Pain in the lumbar region
  • dramatic decline in the daily amount of urine
  • urine turbidity with the presence of blood in it, stones, sand
  • Frequent urination
  • painful urination
  • temperature
  • Edema Blurred vision, itching.

All kidney disease are divided into several groups:

  • inflammation (caused by infection);
  • functional (related to the violation of functions);
  • destructive (kidney stones);
  • birth.

If you exactly hurt the kidneys, it may include the following diseases:

  • Jade - an acute infectious disease caused by streptococcus.How hurt the kidneys: the following symptoms: general weakness, slight pain, sometimes low-grade fever, and, of course, swelling, pressure and changes in the composition of urine.With proper treatment of the disease is treated, and like 2-3 months.If it is not treated, it becomes chronic.
  • Nephroptosis - the disease at an early stage does not manifest itself, and then there are pains in the kidneys, simptomykotoryh not pronounced, but sometimes they manifest themselves in the form of drawing in the waist area, found in the urine protein and red blood cells, impaired renal blood flow, which maylead to renal colic.
  • kidney cancer - in the early stages often does not manifest.Identify it can be the following signs: blood in the urine, a small tumor on the back, weakness, lethargy, loss of appetite and weight, fever, anemia, high blood pressure
  • Kidney stones - when the stone inside the kidney, it may not manifest untillong as it starts to move, which leads to a sharp and severe pain, fever.

This is not a complete list of diseases for which hurt the kidneys, but it is necessary to know one rule of thumb that if the kidneys hurt, symptoms, treatment - all this must be under the supervision of a doctor, as kidneys body is very important, and his illness and losspart of it is fraught with functions for the body to dangerous consequences.