Why have a headache ?

Why have a headache ?

Headaches are a very common problem, it is hard to find someone who has never experienced it not.Why have a headache, most often due to inflammation, circulatory disorders, muscle tension and other factors, which are caused by other diseases and disorders, headache at the same time is an indirect symptom.Independently headache develops within migraine, where it is not a symptom, and the basis of the disease.

Why have a headache - the main reasons.

Headache is unpleasant, it gives a lot of inconvenience and suffering, but it is inherently useful.It signals that somewhere in the body that something is wrong, sometimes warning us about a very serious violations.At regular, unusual or very severe headaches, you should see a doctor and get tested.

  1. inflammation affecting the structure of the brain that are sensitive to pain.It occurs when infection and inflammation, such as encephalitis, meningitis.In this case, the headache is a sign of a very serious disease and should seek medical attention in time to begin treatment.If you have recently got a strong cold, walked with a wet head in the cold, in contact with sick people, or picked up a tick, severe headache, a very bad sign.
  2. Intoxication - is essentially poisoning.It disrupts the body's metabolism, replaces the necessary substances to malicious.This poisoning can be volatile or vapor compounds, chemicals or poisonous mushrooms, and even alcohol.
  3. Expansion or pressure vessels - usually it occurs when the air pressure changes in meteo-sensitive people and changes in blood pressure in people with hypertension and hypotension.
  4. Increased intracranial pressure - it is linked to the activity of blood vessels and is often accompanied by bleeding from the nose.In this case, after bleeding headache may leave as the pressure dropped.
  5. tumor - when a tumor in the brain, it creates an internal pressure in the skull, because of that there is a headache.Any tumor in the brain are very dangerous, even if they are benign, they will put pressure on the brain structures and may damage them due to the limited space of the skull.The tumor may be the reason why it is often a headache.
  6. Injury - at damages of any severity is quite normal that a headache.It may be a concussion, bruises, cracked skull and broken bones.You could not see themselves as injured, but the headache you sure about this recall.
  7. Neuralgia - in violation of neuralgic character, pain may occur without a cause.This wandering pain that occur in different parts of the body and organ disorders associated with, and only with the nerve endings.
  8. Entrapment of the nerve endings - in this case, the headache will be given of the cervical spine in the head and is more adverse symptoms.
  9. Psychological factors - due to stress, anxiety, fatigue in the neck and shoulder parts of a person has a voltage, which makes it difficult the blood flow to the brain and from it, as a consequence may occur headache.In the chronic form of this option it looks like low back pain, if you are constantly in an awkward position and overexert at work, and headache may become chronic.
  10. Migraines - the reason why the head hurts badly, can be a migraine.is an independent type of headache, it is manifested in a very severe pain and other symptoms: nausea, increased sensitivity to light, noise and odors, as well as visual disturbances are possible: Stars and zigzags, jumping in front of his eyes, and blind spots.Migraine suffers a lot of people, and its treatment is carried out with the help of medicines and folk remedies.

How to treat headaches

Seek medical neurologist - he will find out the cause of headaches and either send for further examination or he will give you treatment options.

Rest - if you have a headache occurs during times of stress and overwork, you must yourself from these stress shield.They can help in this case and sedatives or extracts of chamomile, valerian or motherwort.

Massage - if the reason why the head hurts, lies in the tension of the neck and shoulder massage that will help them relax and restore circulation.

Painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs - from headache pills to drink, often all aspirin or analgin, but they can not deal with the cause or vice versa to be too strong.In this case, it is better to take a more modern preparations based on ibuprofen.

Prevention - timely treat pressure disorders, colds and viruses that do not suffer stress and you can avoid headaches.