Why is neck pain?

Why is neck pain?

Headache is one of the most painful.It can lead to complete loss of working capacity, especially if it is a so-calledmigraine.Almost forty percent of the working population may experience intermittent pain in the back of the head.There are emerging at the same time pain in the temples and back of the head, and many tend to believe that it is the result of high blood pressure.To determine this kind of ailments should consult a specialist, becauseself-medication can lead to disastrous results.

So if the pain does not have a systematic character, and appeared only once, we can understand why his head hurt yourself.In such rare cases is usually the cause is excessive tension in your neck, or the associated pinched nerve.


In cases where the back of the head strongly hurts, the person experiences a sharp pain.Experts attribute the appearance of such pain with stress or prolonged depression, which is due to low levels of some hormones inhibits the peripheral nervous system.Acute sharp pain when turning head to the right side of the neck and turning on the occipital part of the pain from the top of the head - the main symptoms.

Such pain can occur due to a number of diseases.So when a sore neck the reasons for this - the disease of the cervical spine.Alternatively, it may be low back pain, sprains and muscle, lymph node disease.

Miogeloz.This disease provokes neck seal motor muscles.Originating from an infectious disease can colds, stress or pinched nerve.One of the most common diseases in this disorder is neuralgia.At the same pain are present at any sudden movements and have the paroxysmal character.Also accompanied by pain in the lower jaw, back and ears.For quick relief from such pain, you will need to lie down and relax as much as possible, because of muscle relaxation to reduce stress hormone - vasopressin.


Unlike acute pain, which tends to sharply but briefly appear, nagging pain is not so abrupt, but lasts longer.Pain can not be terminated within a few hours.The cause of such pain are spasms of the neck muscles and shoulders.Spasms, in turn, arise from excessive voltage and sedentary work.Usually it is at the end of the working day.Feeling intense pressure on the back of the head - a symptom with aching pain.Intelligent stress can also trigger pain in the back of the head.Stress and irregular working hours, lack of periodic breaks, give rise to such ailments.Typically, women are prone to it after the age of 30 years.

Remove aching pain will help a cold compress on the forehead, which changes the direction of blood flow in the head.Also helps to massage the back of the head and neck, it improves blood circulation in the area.

dull pain

Such pain is not so frequent, and it is - the result of diseases, such as arthritis or low back pain.Regular massage is contraindicated in diseases of the region, astouch can cause even more pain.The specialist will find out why it hurts neck head still does not deal with in this case hands.The main cause of the pain may be cervical spondylosis.It is a chronic disease in which the damaged ligament and osteophytes on vertebrae deformed.In addition to pain in the neck causes pain in the ears and head.

removes a pain taking a warm bath with the addition of sea salt, and smooth tilting movements of the head.Since usually such pain is systematic, the therapeutic massage sessions should be kept, and do this massage is to the expert.


most dangerous kind of pain, becauseIt is sometimes a precursor to stroke.The main reason, for which there are throbbing pain in his head, a high blood pressure.This pain occurs suddenly and is accompanied by tinnitus, pain in the nose and disorientation.Dizziness can be so strong that it may lead to fainting.Drugs in this case can take any becauseit can only do harm.It is advisable to immediately call the doctor.

main symptoms: tinnitus and over the head, numbness of the limbs, loss of vision, feeling of pressure in the skull and nose.Also hurt neck sharp throbbing pain may be in hypertension and vertebrobasilar syndrome.

reasons throbbing pain can be very different.Caused such pain is acute infectious catarrhal diseases - meningitis or sinusitis.Alternatively, angle-closure glaucoma.Sometimes throbbing pain occurs due to overexertion of the optic nerve.By this leads wearing glasses with the wrong value diopters.In this case you should consult an ophthalmologist.

Sometimes such pain resulting temporal arthritis.There he is due to injury or chronic is caused by an inflammatory process.With this disease, temporal region causes a feeling of tightness, and there are third-party noise in the lower jaw movements.It also causes pain and discomfort.

Injuries that cause arthritis, basically, this displacement of the mandible and a pinched nerve.With this injury, you need to consult a surgeon.Chronic same temporal arthritis is caused by inflammation and manifests itself gradually, reducing the mobility of the mandible and the temporal part.It is also accompanied by a dull pain in the back of the head, temples and ears.