Why liver hurts ?

Why liver hurts ?

liver - this is one of the most important internal organs.To live without a liver impossible.It plays an important role in digestion, blood circulation and metabolism.In our time, scientists know of about fifty diseases that affect this particular organ.However, it is important to recognize that the disease is not possible for a long time.Let's reveal in this article topic as to why liver hurts.

Blame excesses

There are several important reasons, which will certainly lead to liver disease:

  1. abuse in food harmful or substandard products.
  2. fatty degeneration of the liver cells (for overweight or alcohol-dependent people).
  3. Viral infections.
  4. Prolonged treatment drugs.
  5. bad heredity.
  6. presence of parasites in the body (does not matter where they are located).

In diseases of the liver, the patient may experience weakness, malaise, muscle or joint pain, skin rashes.Often, observing such phenomena, patients resort to symptomatic treatment, while when it is necessary to treat the liver.

Increased nervousness

Considering the reasons why it hurts the liver, can not touch the concomitant symptoms, one of which- is nervous exhaustion.The patient may experience anger, anger, confusion, lethargy, excessive mobility, and mistrust.Often there are complaints of dizziness, pain in the heart, arrhythmia, etc.

Chronic diseases

  • When liver cirrhosis or acute hepatitis, the patient is jaundiced skin tone and eye sclera.
  • itching on the skin, there is a burning sensation.As the body rolled electric current wave (can be given in the spine).
  • Changing the size of the liver.
  • There may be enlargement of the spleen.
  • pain in the right hypochondrium.
  • As of the disease may appear symptoms such as numbness in the muscles, the feeling of cooling in the stop, on the tips of the fingers and hands.
  • Modified nail plate (nail suddenly acquired a dark color and become thicker).

Why hurt the liver during pregnancy

  1. Liver pain in pregnant women may indicate that the body develops diseases such as jaundice, cholestasis, hepatitis, fatty liver.There may be profuse vomiting.
  2. There were cases when pregnant women complained of pain in the liver, which gave the right flank.The reason for this pain returns can be transferred once upon a time, a trauma.
  3. discomfort may occur.This is due to the fact that the liver is experiencing a double burden (it works for you and your child).
  4. Very often pregnant women receive this diagnosis as a chronic hepatocholecystitis (but it does not affect the health of the child).
  5. There are cases when pregnant women complained of severe pain in the liver area.Such women are hospitalized and strictly follow the course of the disease in the walls of the hospital.

But best of all, in order to avoid possible health problems undergo a full, comprehensive examination prior to pregnancy.So you'll not worry about her unborn child, and can simply enjoy the flow of pregnancy.

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