Why sore lower back ?

Why sore lower back ?

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Why sore lower back?

Any pain - it is an alarm, a symptom of any disease to which should pay attention and take action.If a sore lower back, the body tells us that there is a problem, it's time to run to the doctor.In the meantime, we look at the possible causes of back pain, depending on the situations in which it occurs.

Why sore lower back - the possible causes

Back pain - a very tricky symptom that may indicate a variety of disorders in the body, such as:

  • osteochondrosis,
  • violations in the activity of the pelvic organs,
  • disorders of the spine, muscle,
  • scoliosis (curvature of the spine) - the most common reason why back pain and lower back, especially in adolescence,
  • changes in the mechanics of the lower extremities,
  • prostate disease in men,
  • problems of the digestive tract,
  • diseasenervous system,
  • kidney and so on.

And it is not the whole list of possible diseases, which should diagnose an expert, not an ordinary person at home.If a sore lower back, think this is a serious reason to see a doctor.

Why sore lower back during pregnancy

Why sore lower back in late pregnancy, you can understand without difficulty.The load on the spine increases, the abdominal muscles are weakened.The pain goes away after childbirth.The belly is growing, changing posture, shifting the center of gravity, there is strong pressure on the lumbosacral spine, there is a possibility of occurrence of clamps and cramps.

during pregnancy due to the hormone relaxin begin to relax femoral-sacral joints which have always been fixed.This point, along with a growing belly will disrupt the balance of the pregnant woman.She starts bulging belly, retract the shoulders, bend your neck.As a result - excessively curved spine, pain and muscle tension in the lower back.

Catching sports and leading an active lifestyle before pregnancy after conception, a woman will have less to think about why pregnant sore back.After all, good physical shape will help the body to move more easily and pregnancy, and childbirth.

But after giving birth you become a happy mother, who for the sake of the baby is ready for anything.But in any case we can not forget about the help of the same happy dad.Otherwise, mother will selflessly carry infants in their arms, raise toys off the floor, to lace shoes and dress child support crumbs as he learns to walk.Dear mother, take care of your back, in fact need a healthy mother every child!

Why menstruation sore lower back

often meet women who complain of lower back pain during menstruation.Why hurt the stomach and lower back?This problem is caused by prostaglandins - natural substances whose concentration increases during menstruation.Furthermore, menstruating women in many body fluid is delayed, which adds weight to the normal 1.5-2 kg.Diuretic drugs at this time are very useful, they reduce pain during menstruation.

Why sore waist before menstruation?Low back pain is one of the symptoms of PMS (premenstrual syndrome).In the premenstrual period in a woman's blood increases the content of certain hormones that can significantly reduce the pain threshold.Therefore, the monthly pain becomes unbearable.