Why hurt the right side ?

Why hurt the right side ?

Very often in various forums can be found the question of why it hurts right side?Anyone, even the most skilled doctor can not go with you to answer this question, since it requires a detailed examination and learn much more about the nature and location of the pain.The fact that the disease almost every internal organ located in the abdominal cavity can respond pain in his right side.

In this article we present the main causes of such pain.

Preliminary diagnostics

Initial analysis of the causes of pain in the right side usually begin with a study of the nature of pain:

  • the case of a sudden there is a sharp pain, then most likely the reason it is in the presence of you have gallstones or biliary colic.
  • If you are experiencing frequent dull ache in this area, you need to check for the presence of chronic diseases of the internal organs of the abdominal cavity.
  • If the pain is aching, and there is not strong on occasion, you may be dealing with inflammation of the mucous membrane of the large intestine and gall bladder.
  • If the pain manifests itself in the form of sharp contractions, then most likely the result of manifestations of intestinal spasm.

In addition, to establish the preliminary diagnosis, it is also necessary to find out the specific location where the pain is most noticeable:

  • customary to speak of pain in the right upper quadrant as a projection of the liver and gall bladder disease.
  • Pain in the middle of the abdomen appears usually as a result of colitis.
  • establish the cause of pain in the lower abdomen is much more difficult, as blunt and sharp pain at the site of the disease may respond appendix, cecum, ovaries and appendages in women, prostate and spermatic cord, as well as jamming of inguinal hernia in men.
  • If pain occurs in the navel, then most likely you have inflamed small intestine.
  • If the pain is given from the back, then you need to be tested for the absence of liver abscess and pleurisy lower divisions of the thorax.

This is not a complete list of diseases that can cause pain in the right side.However, there are other factors that can trigger the appearance of pain in this area.

Causes of pain in his right side

  • Excessive exercise can be a symptom of peritonitis - inflammation of the peritoneum.However, if the right side you stabbed after a brisk walk or run, most likely you are dealing with an excess of blood in the liver.In order to get rid of such pain, just reduce your pace and begin to breathe properly.To continue such a pain is not repeated, exercise should be started gradually, evenly distributing the load on the various bodies during exercise.In addition, before each jog is necessary to make a little workout.
  • Premenstrual syndrome can also be a cause of low back pain in the right side.For some girls this period is painless.Others have pains are so strong that you can not even sit and stand.For those who have premenstrual syndrome is very painful, we can recommend only non-steroidal anti-inflammatory painkillers to take money at this time.
  • If you frequently abusing greasy heavy food and alcohol, your liver over time accumulate a very large amount of fat, which can lead to serious liver damage called steatosis.If you feel after eating fatty foods you experience discomfort, you should review your diet and make your lifestyle more mobile.Generally, medical treatment with such deviation is required.

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