Why hurt the spleen ?

Why hurt the spleen ?

About spleen diseases do not talk as often as, for example, diseases of the heart or lungs.About its existence people do not even think, until it starts to hurt, and will not allow any failure.But, in fact, the spleen plays an important role in the life of the whole organism.Haematopoietic one of its main functions, it also performs the role of bacterial filter, is involved in metabolism processes in the body and forms immunity.Located this body in the left upper quadrant, and is located in a dense capsule.The spleen is a white and red pulp.The composition of the white pulp - lymphoid tissue, where there are lymphocytes, the composition of the red pulp - red blood cells.

in spleen macrophages are processes a treat hazardous substances and cleaning the blood from the different kinds of bacteria and viruses.It killed endotoxins, its cells recognize foreign antigens and antibodies are synthesized.It is proved that the spleen is the guardian of the help the body fight against pathogens.As with the liver, in the spleen cells and no pain receptors.Pain can arise at instantaneous tensile capsules in which it is closed.Therefore, to find out why it hurts the spleen, you need to consult a doctor.

Causes diseases spleen

  • Open and deep trauma
  • internal injuries and bleeding
  • the presence of infectious diseases - hepatitis, typhoid fever, salmonellosis, tuberculosis
  • In diseases of the blood - leukemia, sarcoma, hemoglobinopathies
  • In the formation of cysts and tumors
  • when spleen vein thrombosis, so-called splenic infarction splenic abscess
  • Echinococcosis

If it hurts the spleen - causes

  • result of the pain may serve chopped, sliced, gunshot wounds, wounds during operations.In such cases, the spleen may be applied to open wounds.
  • Also it can be closed spleen damage, then bounce to the left upper quadrant, falls on the abdomen, fractured ribs on the left side of the body.In such cases, there may be ruptures spleen cracks that are a danger to the development of bleeding and hemorrhage into the abdominal cavity.Signs of injury may make dizziness, thirst, feeling great swelling in his left side, cold sweat, lowering blood pressure, and even pain, that give back to the left side, increased heart rate, nausea and vomiting.The skin on the left side of the peritoneum can be observed bruising.
  • But it happens that these symptoms may not appear immediately, which is why at any similar injuries, you need to go through x-ray.Also spleen pain may occur in different types of diseases.Depending on the disease, the spleen may napuhnut, and create discomfort in the abdominal area.From what hurts the spleen yet?Consider other embodiments of pain in the spleen.
  • very frequent spleen pain, is it a heart attack, that is, the branches of the splenic artery occlusion.Its causes include embolism, thrombosis.The disease begins abruptly, with sudden pain in the left side.There are vomiting, tachycardia, intestinal paresis and fever.When
  • abstsessnom disease, pain appear on the left side, especially when the patient motion.If the probe, one can see an enlarged spleen.

spleen, is likely to increase due to the formation of a parasitic or non-parasitic cysts:

  • non-parasitic cysts are divided into: true and false.And, true cysts are congenital and occur as a result of embryonic development defects.False cysts are acquired.They are due to injuries, infections and experienced myocardial spleen.
  • Parasitic cyst of the spleen most often caused by parasites - Echinococcus.These can penetrate through the blood to the spleen or lymph through.Continue this disease can be 15 years or more.When Echinococcus or other parasite grows in size, tissue and organs squeeze around an enlarged spleen and atrophy of her.
  • When parasitic cysts usually do not feel the pain of the spleen, the symptoms are manifested only in the swelling of the left side of the torso.When the parasite is still alive, sometimes there are allergies, itchy skin and rashes.The result of the spleen are echinococcosis cysts and abscesses.

Tuberculosis spleen

  • Occurs when the tubercle bacillus, the running form of tuberculosis of other organs, enters the spleen.In the process of the spleen increases greatly in size, causing extreme pain.
  • When spleen sizes are increased, the cause can not be determined, since it is located next to the stomach, and can squeeze it.The man who was ill at the slightest piece of food eaten, there is a feeling of overeating, sometimes there is pain in the abdomen or lower back on the left side.Symptoms of the disease may be a condition of daytime sleepiness, memory loss, fatigue, unstable appetite and lethargy.

If it hurts the spleen - treatment

  • spleen disease difficult to identify because of pain in the early stages, as such, is not in the body.The pain only occurs when you increase it.Once you have a discomfort in the abdominal region, urgently need to take action.First of all, is to identify the causes of failures in the body.Only when viewed from a specialist, can reveal the apparent enlargement of the spleen by palpation of the left hypochondrium during inspiration.Self diagnosis is confirmed at the time of the hardware research and in-depth analysis.
  • spleen, which increased in size, interferes with the work of such bodies as the liver, intestines and kidneys, directly affect the heart rate and blood pressure.Treatment should be aimed not only at eliminating the symptoms, but also to restore the normal functioning of most of the spleen, as well as the elimination of the causes that resulted in the pathological changes of the body.

If you hurt the spleen, what to do, you already know - seek medical attention immediately for further investigation and the cause of pain.