Why hurt the sides ?

Why hurt the sides ?

Before you find out why the sore side, you need to decide what you call side.In medicine, no such body exists at all.Patients also are investing in this concept completely different parts of the body.So, pain in the side include discomfort in the left or right upper quadrant, in the lumbar region and in the side of the abdomen.

Why sore left side

Consider region hypochondrium.Listen to your body, what kind of pain you experience: strong, pulling, sudden, sharp, long, sharp, sharp or dull.Install why sore left side, only by having recourse to medical examination.

  • The spleen is located just left of the center of the abdomen, so pain in left side more often associated with it.The proximity of the body to the surface makes it particularly vulnerable.If mononucleosis spleen increases in size, resulting in fractures can be even without physical restraint.Visible signs in this case are blue in the face of the left side due to accumulation of blood.
  • In the elderly pain in his left side, at the top, can be caused by a hernia of the diaphragm.
  • also can not forget about the heart.With heart disease the pain can be given just in the left side.
  • Unpleasant sensations in the lower left square talk about bowel problems or sexual organs.

Now try to figure out why it hurts right side.

Why sore right side

  • Most often, it testifies about the problems with the liver, biliary ways, the right kidney.Pain in the right upper quadrant - the first bell to see a doctor because it could be because hepatitis - inflammation of the liver.Depending on the causes of isolated different types of hepatitis.
  • Gall bladder - another reason for pain in the right side, it can be a consequence of the abuse of spicy and fatty foods.
  • At the bottom of the appendix is ‚Äč‚Äčlocated.His inflammation causes pain in this area.If you have any discomfort in his right side, first of all need to think about appendicitis.Do not hesitate to address to the doctor, the timely removal of appendicitis will protect you from health problems and complications.
  • Women have pain in this area may be a sign of ectopic pregnancy.
  • With regular worries should be tested for the disease, sexually transmitted diseases.

running and the pain in his side

often during long physical activities, especially in the race, starts to hurt his side.This is the most common problem beginners.One can not say why when running sore side, there may be several reasons.

  • reason may be the surface and the subsequent intense workout running.As a result, the blood starts to circulate rapidly, the liver expands, and as a consequence, a hepatic pain in the right hypochondrium.Should you experience such sensations reduce your running pace and gradually proceed to step, take a deep breath nose and exhale through your mouth, the pain will subside gradually.
  • Another cause of these symptoms can be a hearty breakfast or lunch prior to playing sports.Remember that training can be started only after 40 minutes after a meal.Why

side ache during pregnancy

Pregnant women often complain of pain in his side.Causes of pain in the side of pregnant women do not differ much from those that are peculiar and ordinary patients.If these feelings arose suddenly, the pain is sharp and lasts more than 30 minutes - is an alarming symptom.As soon as possible, call your doctor.

If you are concerned about pain, do not let everything take its course.Early detection and treatment will cost you is not as expensive as advanced forms of the disease.