Why hurt the bones ?

Why hurt the bones ?

In the human body there are about 245 different bones.And it is extremely frustrating when starting to hurt even if it of them.The reasons for this may be very different.Let's deal with why aching bones.

pain can be different, and quite often its specificity may shed light on the disease.For example, pain is often pulling said problems in the muscles than in bone.In addition, it is important to understand that the joint - part of the bone and the pain can be caused by just a violation of the joint work.

Why hurt bones: common causes

Most often the pain occurs due to any injury - a fracture, contusion, sprain or compression.The pain is especially severe if the bone is close to the skin surface and not at a large layer of muscle or fat.

  • bone inflammation - osteitis.This disease usually begins to develop when there is irritation of the periosteum with injury or compression of the bone.In addition, bone inflammation often occurs in open fractures.
  • fluid in the joint.Sometimes mechanical joint lesions in the articular capsule begins to accumulate fluid.It expands the space, and because of this there is a swelling of the joint, which in turn leads to pain in the bone and including.Trauma often accompanied by rupture of the joint capsule.Due to the fact that the associated bone joints - pain in the bone and is transferred.
  • joint inflammation - arthritis.This disease can be acute or chronic.During his joint swells and becomes painful, impaired general mobility.In this disease in the unprotected ends of the bones can be observed an excess of bone tissue, leading to joint immobility and pain in the bones themselves.
  • Osteoarthritis.This disease affects cartilage due to the deletion or replacement of wear.After the joint is no longer cope with its functions, begins bone loss, which leads to severe pain.
  • various bone diseases.These include bone cancer, osteomalacia - softening and deformation of bones and osteoporosis - the thinning of bone tissue.These diseases are very heavy, passing with strong chronic pain.

Bones often can hurt the children, most often it is a pain in the limb bones.This is due to the vigorous growth of all tissues.Over time, these pains disappear.

Prolonged exposure to cold, damp room, physical exhaustion or stressful situations may also be the reason why the bones ache.

In addition, bone pain sometimes occurs in diseases such as liver cirrhosis, leukemia, or hypervitaminosis of Vitamin A.

Why hurt leg bones

Many people complain of pain in the leg bones.The reasons that cause them, may be the following:

  • Dehydration or extremely low amount of important chemical elements such as potassium, magnesium and sodium in the blood;
  • Tired of strenuous exercise, or being in a static position;
  • cracks, fractures or dislocation of the leg bones;
  • various chronic diseases - atherosclerosis, thrombosis, Legg-Perthes disease, bone tumors, arthritis and arthrosis;
  • damage and malfunction of the nerves, most often they arise from the abuse of alcohol, cigarettes.

Why hurt bones during pregnancy

Quite often in the later stages, young moms experience pain in the bones.Primarily, this is due to the fact that increased weight, so the bones can not cope with normal loads.In addition, possible lack of vitamin D and calcium, which are required during pregnancy.

But more often, pregnant women concerned about the question of why it hurts pubic bone.Doctors say that it is due to the fact that softens the bones and joints for easy passage of the baby through the birth canal.Pain such as may be caused by the action of the hormone - relaxin which develops during pregnancy in large quantities.

Remember that if you occasionally experience pain in the bones, it is necessary to see a specialist.After all, before you start treatment, you need to understand the reason why the aching bones.