What pain in my left side ?

What pain in my left side ?

left side - it's part of our body, which occupies the entire surface of the left side above the pelvis and lower arms.Painful sensations occur in various parts of the anatomy.What pain in his left side, and that can mean that pain?

Injuries Injuries - household injuries, sports injuries, falls (eg, at a skating rink).Therefore, if in the morning, getting out of bed, you feel the pain, remember, was not it you last fall or injury.

If discomfort when injury following you for several days, and you feel pain when inhaling and pressing on a sore spot, you should immediately consult a traumatologist and do chest X-ray.


faced the same problem 30% of all women, in men the disease is rare.When inflammation of the left kidney pain is also felt on the left side.When pyelonephritis discomfort may be the stomach, can also increase the body temperature.

The disease is treated with antibiotics, and severe necessarily require hospitalization.Be sure to make a general analysis of urine.If the leukocyte level rose sharply, the pain occurred because of pyelonephritis.


In this disease, the pancreas becomes inflamed.If the pain gets worse after a meal, it is likely, that this disease is the cause of your left-sided pain, which may be accompanied by a violation of stool, vomiting and nausea.

If pancreatitis treatment must pass under the supervision of a physician.Please refer to a gastroenterologist, who will refer you to give blood for amylase.Thereafter prescribe treatment.

dry pleurisy

inflammation of the pleura, that is the film that covers the lungs and lines the chest cavity from the inside.It develops as a complication of pneumonia.If you have a fever and cough, the more likely it is pleurisy.If the left side hurts, what is it?Pain in the left side of the chest on the left hand side say pneumonia.

to confirm this disease need a referral from the general practitioner on chest X-rays.Upon confirmation of the diagnosis is necessary to undergo a course of treatment with antibiotics.The pain can be overcome analgesics - nimesulide and diclofenac.

Heart Disease

is mainly angina.Most often, pain arises in people who are over 40 years, leading a sedentary lifestyle, smoking and watching nutrition.When angina starts supplying the myocardium vascular growth of cholesterol plaques that narrow the lumen of blood vessels.The result is a deterioration of the blood supply to the heart muscle.Pain in angina attacks occur in waves, during exercise, after a hearty meal, if you breathed the cold air.Character searing pain (rare), compressing, pulling, can be given in interscapulum, the left half of the neck and left arm.It stops after a short rest.

During the attack must be put under the tongue nitroglycerin tablet.If the pain is gone for a minute, it means that you have exactly angina and you need to consult a cardiologist.

If pregnant sore left side, it can be?A short term pain in the abdomen on the left shows the growing uterus.When the uterus begins to grow, it increases the pressure on all neighboring organs.But the appearance of a pain in the abdomen can be a harbinger of abortion, in other words there is the threat of termination of pregnancy.

If a pregnant woman's left side hurts, what to do?In any case, it is not necessary to delay the deadlines and to self-medicate.One should immediately consult a doctor.Only he can determine whether the pain has arisen as a result of the growing uterus, or have something much more serious.

Pain in the left side may have other causes.However, other diseases occur much less frequently, and are more like "exotic."