What pain in his right side ?

What pain in his right side ?

If there is a situation in your life that you have to turn sharply, or run a short distance at a high speed, there may be a sharp pain in his right side.And then, one begins frantically to remember what pain in his right side?What body?What is the reason?Reasons, by the way, there may be several.Consider the major ones.

pain during exercise

pain in his right side during exercise, is associated, as a rule, with the stagnation in the gallbladder.If it is full of bile, then there is a sharp release of her in the stomach and intestines at the time of abrupt load.Therefore pain can be transferred from the right side in the middle of the abdomen, and then fall down.After that, the pain subsides.Intestines can react to the bile, diarrhea appears.No matter how innocuous it may seem a manifestation, it is necessary to address to the gastroenterologist, to eliminate the problem for the future.

sudden appearance of pain

If pain occurs suddenly, there are very strong discomfort.Correct just consult a doctor and tell them what hurts right side.What is it, tell the specialist.Women and men causes of pain can be different.The most common cause of pain in his right side in women may be associated with ovarian rupture.It comes very suddenly.The woman could not straighten up.The fact that the sitting carry it much easier to straighten almost impossible.The same pain arises in the fallopian tube rupture during an ectopic pregnancy.In these two situations need urgent surgery, otherwise there is a danger to the woman's life.It can hurt and the twisted cyst leg, but this problem happens often.

The men in his right side, pain may occur in urolithiasis when the stone starts to move in the ureters and is cutting its edges mucosa.This unbearable pain.It feels like it is superior tooth many times.It is best to immediately call an ambulance.With fewer feelings may come back to haunt inguinal strangulated hernia.

Women and men in the right side can give acute appendicitis.In any such event of pain, it is necessary to address urgently to the surgeon.It is sad, but all of these problems are eliminated only operatively.But just want to reassure the readers: if you do not have huge body fat, the joints heal very quickly, within a week you will have to walk.And if you will register absorbable laser treatments, it is still a few days the problem will be removed completely.But, normal life and work, you can return no sooner than a month.

If hurts in a particular place

Most often patients ask very generally - what to do, it hurts right side.It is best to speak more precisely, namely where the pain is felt in particular.When pain is felt at the top right side, then its reason, presumably, the disease is a liver or pancreas.If pain in the lower right side, it may be adnexitis gap (apoplexy), ovary, colon inflammation.If a sore right side below the ribs (the top side under the rib 2), it is likely, pancreatitis, cholecystitis or obstruction of the biliary tract.Pain in the right side of the front may appear from the stagnation of bile.Also, here it gives the inflamed or injured diaphragm.

Front pain may appear in cholelithiasis.the right side of the back pain is usually caused by inflammation of the kidneys (pyelonephritis), it sends back an acute attack of pancreatitis, kidney stones.Right side from back pain even when a disease to which at the beginning, many do not pay attention and do not rush to treat - with osteochondrosis.He was treated before the end of a very rare and long.So do not ignore this serious disease.Pain in the back on the right can be caused by herpes zoster, which is difficult to notice.

in the right groin can give acute appendicitis, colitis, constipation, adnexitis.When pain around the navel, your doctor may suspect an ulcer of the duodenum, and the presence of parasites - of Ascaris, Giardia.You agree that all these troubles and require emergency treatment literacy.So, do not hesitate to appeal to the doctor!In no case do not diagnose yourself in inflammation and not engaged warming.Do not take painkillers and antispasmodics.To diagnose you will be much harder on their background, but they are useless in many cases described above.It is best to place severe pain, before the arrival of ambulance crews, put ice wrapped in a cloth.And even better - do not allow the occurrence of such problems.Eat right, move a lot, walk in the fresh air.And good luck!