How to choose a child?

How to choose a child?

child in a family is a great blessing and a miracle!Sometimes parents have thought about adoption.Naturally, the questions arise: how to choose a baby?What is and what actions need to be taken for this purpose?

Adoption of children

The adoption of children is a very serious step.When two loving people are going to the registrar, they understand that it is necessary to know well the second half, after all have to live together for a long time.If not develop family life, it is possible to get a divorce.But more and more difficult with a child.A child is not a doll, with which you can "play" and then throw it away.

adopted children, adults often try to solve their own problems:

  • drown sorrow, longing for his own dead child,
  • mend relations with her husband,
  • solve financial problems.

Children should not be a means of solving the problems of adults.So before you decide to adopt a child you need to meet with a psychologist.Then is better to issue a contract for a foster family to see if the parents and the child psychologically suited to each other.The contract is for a weekend or a vacation for six months.A child can be said that he just went to visit my uncle and aunt.

search methods for adoption

In our country now have "Hope" databank of orphans, children left without parental care.Information is collected at the local level first, then at the regional and then national.

Besides the Internet to see information about children waiting for adoption, you can

  • in newspapers, magazines, special bulletins,
  • in on television, on radio broadcasts.

Guardianship in your area, the city can help.However, some expectant parents specifically wish to take the child from another region to avoid future encounters with relatives.

In addition, there are other ways of finding foster children.

  • Young children up to 4 years for adoption can be taken in the child's home or in hospitals.Children's House is a medical institution of the general type or for children with congenital abnormalities.Children's House is quite closed to other people, employees do not have the right to disclose information about their students.However, to report where can apply for the adoption of young children, the head of the orphanage is required.
  • grown children transferred to a pre-school children's homes.Brothers and sisters from 4 to 18 years of age can be brought up in children's homes of family type.From pre-school children's homes converted into a children's home or boarding school.Here you will find children for adoption easier, but there are obstacles on the heads of these institutions.It is necessary to be patient and seek their own, if it is "your baby".

How to choose a child's sex

After it was decided to adopt a child, of course, the parents are thinking about whom to take: a boy or a girl, some appearance of age.It is the most important and difficult.

most often want to take a little beautiful girl with good health.Disabled child deliberately take one.It is best to choose a child for adoption, visit child care center where these children are.You can see the children's eyes, extending handles, hear their voice, their treatment, "mom", "dad".It is quite possible that wanting to take the girl to stop the boy, wanting to take a year-old child - take the student.Certainly better to adopt a young child, he and his childhood will know their loving mother and father, would not feel offended by fate!Older children in his little life has seen a lot of anger, of hurt, hit.But if they will have a mom and dad, then his love, they can melt the heart of their prickly.

It so happens that the decision to take the child to the family, adopted under the influence of external circumstances: a child in an orphanage proved relatives or friends told friends, saw an orphan in the hospital.There is already a question of the child's sex and age is not necessary.

Good luck to you in the adoption!Find your child, and the child of his parents!