How to choose a swimsuit ?

How to choose a swimsuit ?

on the beach all the ladies want to look attractive, it is sometimes quite difficult, given the lack of clothing.But the figures hide some imperfections still possible, if you know how to choose a swimsuit.For example, the hide is too large breasts is to purchase separate swimsuit bottom with a light and a dark top, which has a cup with good bones and straps, or one-piece swimsuit with a smell.But for those who have very small breasts, you need to choose a model with a seal in the cups, ruffles or gangs.By the way, the lack of a strapless models Bando also visually enhances the chest.

visually reduce broad shoulders help swimsuit with V-neckline and straps that tied at the neck.Such an option will present a breast in the best light.And women with narrow shoulders fit separate models swimsuit with straight straps and a light top.So the figure will look proportional.

With broad and massive thighs and tummy in the presence of particularly important to know how to choose a swimsuit on a figure.Here the vertical bar will help, a little skirt, a dark bottom and light top.However, the ladies with narrow shoulders and a heavy bottom skirts should be avoided.

High cutout on the hip can significantly increase the length of the legs, and no low-set of panties and shorts!

As for the bikini, these models are suitable slender girls with long legs.

obese women should avoid large bright graphics, thin straps, sequins and transverse bands.Choose one-piece swimsuit with a low neckline and slimming vertical inserts.

Of course, buying a swimsuit, it is necessary to try.Otherwise there is a risk to buy an uncomfortable model.As for color, then choose the one you like and follow the recommendations concerning the pattern and style.

If you decide to order a swimsuit from the online store, to understand how to choose the right swimsuit, you will help dimensional table represented by each manufacturer.Take measurements of the hips, chest and under the chest, and then you accurately determine the right size.