How to find a soul mate ?

How to find a soul mate ?

idea that everyone is looking for a soul mate in fact belongs to the ancient Greek philosopher Plato.It's in his book "Feast" one of the interlocutors, to talk about love, he told the legend of andragine - persons, consisting of two elements - male and female.But then God has severed these halves.And now they roam the world in search of each other.

possible to believe in the legend, but you can not believe.But the search for your second half, congenial, concerned about a loved one today, many - both young people and mature men and women.

Unfortunately, the current pace of life is such that there is no time to search for love.People living in large cities.A lot of time they spend at work.Many forces deprives them of the way there and back.His mate with such a hard schedule, and you can never meet.

However, do not despair.And in any case, can not be passive, wait.No wonder the ancients said: The one who searches always finds.

Where to find

puzzled with how to find a soul mate, while many admit that they almost never happen.But this is fundamentally wrong.There are somewhere in the need to constantly.After all, you can find a decent person among friends of their friends, to the cinema, the theater, the exhibition, at the rink, in the pool, the gym, on the playground, in the clubs, on the Internet, in college, at work, on vacation, during a walk witha dog, a marriage agency, finally.

What prevents us

Just do not need to complex, to dwell on their shortcomings, consider themselves unworthy of love.One does not like his height, the other - the weight, the third - the salary.All this is often far-fetched.Not everyone likes the model, someone who likes fatties.And someone generally liking the proud aquiline profile of long-nosed man.Tastes are different people.And just in the pot, as they say, there is a tire.It is not true that all women are selfish, and men - free ... that all good anyway already dismantled.If this were so, we would not have seen glowing with happiness of people, walking, vzyavschis hands.

They found each other because they were looking for because it is not afraid to strike up a conversation about something to ask, look, listen to the other.And those who dare to seek halves, like ourselves, they are confident, aware of their uniqueness and value, accept themselves as they are.

in search of their second halves

In fact, on this quest is not necessary to go in cycles.You just live.I do not like the appearance - to go to the gym to pump up your biceps, press, change your hairstyle.Do not know what to start a conversation with the person you like, start to read more.You look in the process of correcting the shortcomings of their own suddenly and there is only one, or only one.The main thing - do not get hung up on the issue - the universe does not like stress.

And yet it is desirable to always be fully prepared.After all, no one knows when fate will cut him a piece of a happy cake.So you need to constantly take care of themselves, always neat and stylish dress, slediti his speech and manners.


however, on how to find a soul mate, to tell fortunes, too, can.This method is known since the days of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers.

From the deck of cards you need to pull the four kings and put them under the pillow, saying: "Who is my betrothed, who my fancy dress, he had a dream in my dream."If the dream of the king of spades, the groom will be either old or jealous of hearts - young and rich, cross - military or businessman.If the dream will be the king of diamonds, is to be married to the girl wanted.