How to get closer ?

How to get closer ?

If you really like the person and you want to get close to him, you will need to take some action.That's just excessive activity may deter a person and you will not achieve a result.How to achieve a delicate balance - to become a close friend, but did not seem intrusive?We'll talk about this in more detail.

How to become closer to each other

It is only natural that I want to be your loved one as close as possible.But you need to act gently, or it may, on the contrary, to move away, and then the only thing complicated.

Spend more time with him

Try to spend with your loved one more time.Try to be in the same places as him, find common topics of conversation.Perhaps you would have much in common, for example, an unusual hobby.In this case, your convergence will occur naturally and your lover will think that you are imposing.

Ask for help and help themselves

to get close to a man, sometimes enough to ask for his help in a particular case - for example, to set up a computer or transport the cat to the vet.Surely he would not refuse.

When all is done, you can invite him to dinner or coffee in gratitude.This is a great opportunity to socialize and get to know each other.Ask the person about his childhood, adolescence, tell a funny story from your life.As a result, you will spend time having fun and become closer.

Perhaps after your favorite call you and invite somewhere.Do not get lost and boldly accept the invitation, because it is an opportunity to be alone and get to know each other better.

If the person that you like to be a problem, do not get lost - offer your assistance.Do not worry, he will appreciate such a gesture and will be very grateful to you.So you can not only get close, but to become good friends, but friendship can grow and more.

Be in a good mood

to people reaching for you, you have to be always positive.So you can charge a good mood lover, and he will unconsciously be attracted to you.You have in store should always be a joke, a funny story, a fresh anecdote.Share with someone only good news, leave for another occasion grumbling.As a result, you will become a favorite for a bright spot in his life, and he will be happy to every meeting.

Learn to listen

To become closer to each other, you need to be able to listen to the man.If he had problems, and you can not help, just listen, you may be able to give good advice.You should not interrupt the person you need to give him a chance to talk.Thus is born the trust between you, you will become closer and spend more time together.

Discover his interests

made friends with a man, you can learn about their interests.For example, if he loves the theater or art, you can "casually" meet at the premiere performance or fashion show.But you can be a little more daring - to get tickets to the gallery or closed presentation and invite her lover.In this case, you will have a common goal, and after the event will be to discuss what they see.Who knows, maybe after that he loved to invite you to the theater or a concert as a reciprocal gesture.

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