Why do we love ?

Why do we love ?

About how much is written about love poems and novels, many films were shot!How many copies broken philosophers debate, psychologists and sociologists that is love!Love compels us to perform feats and pushing for a crime.Love gives a sense of boundless happiness and brings anguish.Still, we love!What for?Why do we love?Why would a man given to experience that feeling?Let's try to understand.

Love as such

What is love?This is a special condition of the person - spiritual (mental and emotional) and physical (hormonal).We experience different love.We fall in love with the opposite sex.We love our parents and children.We love animals, love our home, love our family, we love home.

Love can be romantic, passionate, sacrificial, soothing, patronizing.But you never know exactly which emotions and feelings make us feel love!The important thing - anyone who loves, understands this.And every person is important to be loved and to love yourself.Without love, go out the colors of life, it lost its meaning.Why?

Why is love important?

We are connected with other objects of the world around us on all levels of being: the physical and the emotional, the spiritual, and intellectual.These relations are infinitely many, since the universe is infinite itself.And we are bound, consciously or unconsciously, with all living and non-living objects of the universe.Attempts to break this bond, that is, cease to love, lead a person to psychological and even physical illness.

why people just can not help but love.If he is alive and aware of themselves as part of the world, not like it did not happen.After all, love - the desire for harmony and full communion with nature, but rather with its objects.Abandon unity people can not.So I do not love people can not, because our existence simply cease without this connection.

What does it mean to be loved?

If a person can not help but love, as he lives in this world, then it too fond of.Think about it!Just as we can not help but love, we can not be loved.We are sure someone loves!Since its birth a person love: his mother, his loved ones.At first we were like those who take care of us, then we were like those who have the need our care and just in our existence.We - the part of the world and we are drawn thread communication from other objects of this world.We need those who without this communication can not exist, so they love us.Therefore, to be loved - it means to be vital for others.For more on this we have already told in the article What does it mean to love someone.

What makes us love

love - that feeling creative.Love helps us to live with pleasure.Scientists came to the conclusion that 40% of all earthly pleasures gives man love.For what we do with love, we deliver us to enjoy life.After all, love gives us:

  • sense of security;
  • feeling of being needed;
  • inspiration;
  • vitality;
  • ability to withstand hardships;
  • joy;
  • pleasure;
  • self-knowledge;
  • the meaning of life.

man loves God, loves nature, loves the earth.The man he loves the people around him and the world.Only then human life is meaningful.

What happens without love

lack of love for a man like death, if not physical, then the spiritual.Because love creates and destroys dislike.In all the world religions, love is seen as the essence of the universe: "Love your neighbor as yourself."Judge for yourself.

If a person does not love himself and others, he feels mental discomfort, it exists in a disharmonious world.And such an existence inevitably leads to suffering and frustration.There is destruction of the personality on the psychological and physiological level.So dislike - it is painful and unnatural for the human condition, which may even lead to early death.

conscious renunciation of love - a direct path to self-destruction and slow death.No matter how difficult the tests of love (and this also happens!), You can not deny love.You can not withdraw into themselves, to become an angry and suspicious.Without love there is no full-fledged life.

What is the outcome of our discussion?Let's try to draw conclusions that explain and help us to understand why we love.

  1. Love is vital to man, for without it life is not a pleasant experience.
  2. lack of love makes us suffer.After all, we do not suffer from the fact that love, and from that experience lack of love, of that love passes.
  3. Love inspires and inspires.Without it, it is impossible to do something good, pleasant and useful.
  4. Love is the source of almost half of all of life's pleasures.
  5. to force myself not to love, you need to commit violence against the self.
  6. life without love does not happen, because we are still someone who likes.

In conclusion, very much like to say that there is no meaning in life without love.But this is not the case.The meaning of life, of course, is not only in love.A man comes into this world with a purpose, even if he does not realize it.

Only here to achieve this goal and fulfill its mission without love is unlikely to succeed.Think about it.Do not reject the love, do not give conscious of this magical gift of nature.Love and be loved!