How to restore the hormonal balance ?

How to restore the hormonal balance ?

Often we hear folk saying: "Oh, hormones play again ..." I wonder if what is expressed, and who are these same hormones that are so talented play?Hormones - these active compounds, which are synthesized by the body.Well, this scientific medical explanation.In other words, hormones control the mood, health and human reproductive function.Generally, if they "play", then the person feels in life, and can rise to love, enjoy and move forward with optimism to the future.How to restore hormonal balance, if he suddenly lost and "went" wrong way?

What are hormones

Total in the human body there are about 60 different hormones.Estrogen, testosterone, okistotsin, insulin and many others.Between all of these hormones should be a balance and a complete "understanding."If Jota least one hormone to increase or, conversely, decrease, then there is a serious failure in the body.So, how to recognize that the hormones in the human body "rage", and their number has changed significantly?To start such a state can be explained in two words. "With me that something is wrong"And it is the "wrong" is expressed as: weight loss with good appetite, a small temperature from 37.1S, insomnia, bad mood, rolling into a depression and physical weakness.

hormonal disorders in women, is fraught with a variety of consequences.After all, hormones protect the fair sex from the mass of diseases - heart attacks, strokes, diseases of the nervous, skeletal, and cardiovascular systems.Nulliparous women, hormonal failure may result in infertility or miscarriage of the child.It is believed that hormonal imbalance affects women over 40. Unfortunately, it is not.Nowadays, many young and even young girls are subject to hormonal function introduction.And, especially, those who love to tear your body with all sorts of diets, smoking and alcohol.

What affects the hormonal disruptions in the body

on the hormonal balance of the human body are influenced by many factors, both external and internal.Hormonal disorders may be due to the most usual nervous stress, climate change, moving to another country or city, or even on the basis of colds.Outwardly such failures in the organism look, at least, depressing - hair falling out, skin of the face is spoiled and covered with acne, nails become brittle, dental health is deteriorating.Many women appear sweating, swelling, irritation and pain in the joints and the heart.

Restoring hormonal

Restoring hormonal background of a long process but quite effective.The main thing is to comply with all requirements of a gynecologist and lead a healthy lifestyle.Most often, in such cases, an endocrinologist prescribes a course of hormonal pills, vitamins, ultrasound examination of the thyroid gland and ovaries, sampling tests for the presence of hormones in the body.To normalize the hormonal need to pay close attention to proper nutrition, respect for the work and leisure and, of course, are less nervous and worry about everything.In some cases, doctors prescribe to their patients hirudotherapy sessions, that is, treatment with leeches.Excellent help with hormonal changes in the body selenium-zinc diet that significantly reduces nervousness and improves immunity.

Sometimes, hormonal changes occur in women during pregnancy.In this case, a radical intervention of doctors and treatment is not required, because this imbalance then, after the appearance of the child, he recovers and returns to normal.

The main thing is to understand each person is that the normalization of hormonal levels does not occur by magic.For their condition should be closely monitored so as not to miss a serious illness.It is best to seek help from medical specialists that prompt, you need to take to successfully treat and restore hormonal background.Do not forget that our well-being depends on us and our vigilance.