How to restore your health ?

How to restore your health ?

illness, stress, surgery, smoking - all this causes great harm to our health.The immune system is out of order, and we are beginning to fall in all the new diseases.To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to take measures in time to restore health.Well, and, of course, comply with the basic principles and rules of health, namely:

  • nutrition;
  • schedule;
  • sports;
  • proper rest and sleep.

By the way, it is no secret to us that even a short-term course of antibiotics brings great harm to the immune system.So let's see what you need to take if you have had the disease in the course of which were forced to use an antibiotic.

How to restore health after antibiotic

  1. three-week rest.Physiologists say that for three weeks, after taking antibiotics, people should stick to gentle treatment.This means that you should refrain from long trips, noisy parties, stress and hard work.
  2. Avoid drinking alcohol.We all know that when taking antibiotics, alcohol is strictly contraindicated.However, not every one of us is aware that after treatment, the alcohol can not be taken for at least 10 days.This is due to the fact that liver functions recycling antibiotics, and this is not easy.Therefore, to help the liver, you must include in your diet endive food, oatmeal and broth rastoptysha.These tools help to perfect the work of the liver.
  3. order to restore health after illness, especially if you use antibiotics, you need to take care of the intestinal microflora.To do this, turn in your diet fruits and vegetables, at least 500 grams of dairy products per day, poultry and lean fish.During the first three weeks totally abstain from smoked, spicy and marinated products, eliminate from the diet of canned food.

treatment of many diseases is not limited to taking antibiotics.Surgery - this is a very serious interference in the human body.They can not pass without consequences, because apart from the fact of surgery, our body is exposed to anesthesia.It would therefore be advisable to consider ways to restore the body, after undergoing surgery.

How to restore health after surgery

  1. most important thing for post-operative recovery - a complex approach to rehabilitation.After surgery, you must comply with pastel mode.Therefore, the patient moves a little, and this adversely affects the muscle tone, overall health and psychological state.
  2. Physiotherapy.Do not neglect them.They have an excellent analgesic effects, eliminate swelling and lead to normal work of the whole organism.In addition, they have a positive effect on the psyche and improve immunity.
  3. positive impact has on the body therapeutic massage.It helps to quickly restore health, providing a restorative effect.
  4. Do not forget about the correct choice of diet.After the operation, the doctor is required to tell you about some of the products you have to give, and which on the contrary will contribute to your speedy recovery.In any case, in the post-operative period, in your diet should contain as much protein products, minerals and vitamins.
  5. recovering from surgery, do not be nervous, eat well and follow the doctor's advice.

It should be noted that the negative impact on our body have not only the disease, but also ourselves.For example, smoking and we are slowly killing ourselves.And if you decide to get rid of this habit, you need to help your body recover as quickly as possible from the harmful effects of nicotine.

How to restore health after

smoking in the first place, it is recommended to clean the respiratory system.At the same time, keep in mind that herbal medicines are not expensive and will help you to do this until your lungs will not receive daily required amount of clean, fresh air.Ventilate the room at least three times a day, there is dry cleaning.If resources permit, buy a humidifier.Take vitamin C, B12, E, A, zinc, selenium and trace elements.They have a beneficial effect on the respiratory system.Eat a mixture of lemon and honey.

to restore the body's need to take care of the vessels.So try to drink as much liquid as possible.An excellent tool for the maintenance of blood vessels is a black tea with milk and honey.Set yourself a sensible eating regime.Avoid salty, too fatty, sugary and smoked foods.At the same time, it can not be carried away by the diets.Display residual toxins helps you to activated carbon.This drug should be used on an empty stomach, with water approximately 15 minutes before a meal.And do not forget about sports.Take yoga, swimming or cycling.Now you know how to restore health in your case.We hope that our article will help you to become truly healthy.