How to rejuvenate ?

How to rejuvenate ?

rhythm of modern life and the fleeting unstoppable.It does not always have time to fully get enough sleep and rest.We are very busy work and anxieties of life, it is no wonder that the amount of energy at some point comes to an end.Now the state of lethargy and impotence For a man, unfortunately, is a common situation.Let's talk about how, in that case you can try to restore power.

How to rejuvenate: Tips

There are three main postulates of which we must not forget, if you want to feel fresh and beautiful.This is a healthy sleep, good nutrition and a mandatory rest.

  1. adult person sleeping less than 7 hours a day, it is impossible!Otherwise, lack of sleep will affect every day and interfere with normal life.Song also need to plan, taking into account the time of the morning rise.
  2. cope with fatigue and compensate for the lack of energy in the body will help to some food.Meals should be regular, and the food - useful and nutritious.Often you need to eat foods that provide the body activating effect, charge it with energy.This citrus fruit, green tea, honey, cereals, natural grain coffee, fresh juices, whole grain nutrition bars and much more.Compensate for the lack of vitamins and trace elements in the body, due to which there is often a lack of energy and fatigue, you can use fortified food supplements (bilberry extract, flax seed extract, fish oil, calcium and so on. D.).
  3. can not ignore the rest.No matter how tight the schedule or was life, be sure to find time to breathe calmly.So, for example, after the return to work is not recommended to be taken immediately for home affairs.An hour or two is required to allocate to eat, relax and distract from worries.

to quickly restore strength and energy, our body needs proper food (5 times a day).To restore power, useful the following products:

  • porridge with meat;
  • cashews;
  • fruit;
  • vegetables;
  • cheese.

These products have everything you need for a quick recuperation.It is advisable to abandon the consumption of alcohol, because it takes the contrary forces.You should also try to quit smoking.

If you feel very tired after a hard day, you can relax in such ways:

  • take a warm bath with soothing additives: suitable sage, valerian, lavender, mint;
  • do aromatherapy, yoga and meditation;
  • relaxing massage.

These methods will help you to restore physical strength, and to relax the soul, look horrshee a movie, read a nice book, take a walk, etc.

recovery after illness

After an illness can recover quickly, if you follow these rules:..

  1. more sleep and rest.Do not watch much TV, do not sit on the network clock.The body needs rest.
  2. Do not forget to ventilate the room every day, several times.
  3. If you have problems with appetite, do not overeat.Lack of appetite means that the body is not necessary to burden the stomach.
  4. necessary to gradually return to the old rhythm of life.To do this, arrange a daily walk, if the weather permits.Gradually, go for a jog.
  5. Spend every day aromatherapy, which should contain pine and peppermint oils.
  6. Take your vitamins.It is better if you get them from food, drink and pills.
  7. Do not forget about the medications.Their consumption should be reduced, but stop taking it immediately after the recovery is not necessary, because the body will need some time to get support.Focus on this issue to the recommendations of the attending physician.
  8. If sick colds, you need to always be warm.Avoid hypothermia, especially the legs, neck, head.Also watch out for, so that the house was warm.
  9. Immediately after the disease should not engage in physical training.

The best way to get rid of fatigue - a rest and eat well.

should also talk about recovering from a stressful situation.This you will learn from the article How to restore the nervous system.