How to withdraw water from the body ?

How to withdraw water from the body ?

Water - a substance that probably gave life to all living creatures on our planet.Nevertheless, in some cases, the water prevents the normal human body.Today, dear reader, we will talk about how to bring water from the body.So:

derive water from the body

In any organism, whether animal or plant, contained 50% of water.Sometimes our body is experiencing a surplus of water.Here is how to get the excess water from the body:

  • main thing is that the body realized that his need for water is met in full, so he does not need to be reinsured and store excess water in the form of edema.To help the body to understand it, you must comply with the water diet.Every day you need to drink up to 2.5 liters of clean water without additives.This will help the body to form the desired water balance.Active removal of residues from the use of such a diet will allow your body to feel a surge of strength and extraordinary courage.
  • very common cause of the accumulation of water in the body is a salt that we consume with food.There is no doubt that it is impossible to live without salt.It's a drug that gives the food a special flavor.If you see a clear task of getting rid of the swelling, then you need to reduce the amount of salt.No need to limit the amount of salt at all, however, it is necessary to reduce it.Salt makes the taste of normal food in a more intense and, in fact, much of his masks.In combination with sodium glutamate dish it turns out particularly tasty, but less useful.Many nutritionists recommend using salt-free diet, which also contributes to the smoothness of the skin.
  • Disturbed pace of metabolism (the exchange with the environment substances) - Here's another reason why water retention in the body.Many people suffer from this due to the fact that they have to spend most of the time without physical exertion.Without a doubt, this factor as a negative impact on our health.In the pursuit of success and career growth, we completely forget that the body needs exercise.Different exercises are aimed at accelerating the metabolism, help you lose weight and reduce swelling.Here, by the way one of the exercises that are very good effect on the metabolism.Perform exercises in the amount of three times a day have a tangible impact.Lie on your back and lift your limbs (arms and legs) up.A little lie down in this state, and then start to shake hands and feet.At first slowly and carefully, then more rapidly.This vibration tones the blood vessels, and cleans them from stagnant blood.improving blood circulation is very good.Another embodiment of the exercise - the emphasis is lying on his back, legs raised up and lean against the wall.A couple of minutes in this state to help you come to the tone.Such exercises designed to cleanse the body, including by stagnant water.

products that output water from the body:

Let's talk a little bit about how you need to eat right.

  • Summer - the time of flowering and fruit ripening.That is why at this time of the year it is best to eat watermelon and melon.Without a doubt, these products are very good output fluid from the body.
  • Many nutritionists recommend to prepare vegetable juice in a ratio of 1: 1, where one of the water, and the second part - the juice of any fruit or vegetable.Especially good output stagnant liquid carrot and beet juices.The juice of the cucumber also copes with this task.Instead, the diuretic is recommended to produce the juice of celery or parsley.One-third cup of this liquid will strengthen the kidneys.Mixing of different products - this is the right decision, because the body does not have time to get used to the same juice, but all the time is adapted according to the new, which gives a maximum output of liquid.

Dear reader, please kindly remember that any diet should be established taking into account the individual characteristics of your body.To do this, it is best to consult a doctor.