How to withdraw excess fluid ?

How to withdraw excess fluid ?

excess fluid in the body formed because of various pathologies, malnutrition and certain diseases.Often excess fluid leads to the unpleasant phenomenon of swelling, and generally gives a person a lot of problems.Often it is because of this can not bend the fingers or put on shoes.There are ways to get rid of swelling and excrete the excess fluid, but this problem will have to come complex.

As you can deduce the excess fluid?

Proper nutrition

Withdraw excess fluid from the body is impossible without proper nutrition.In your diet is necessary to include proteins.The ideal option would be to use lean meat and fish.Cooking them it is recommended for a couple, but can be served and stewed.

Do not forget about dairy products.They have a lot of protein and vitamins.And forget about the products such as:

  • canned;
  • sausage;
  • cheese;
  • ham.

In them a lot of salts, which retain fluid in the body.It is better to include in your diet fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits.They will help bring the water, in fact, they contain trace minerals, beneficial influence on the general condition.

Eat less salt, because it is a delay in liquid cells.Sure, abandon the spices just difficult, but you can gradually reduce its amount.


Most people who develop swelling, try to use less water.As a result, they make a mistake.After all, you need to drink two liters of water a day, it washes away salts that retain the liquid.

is also important to note the fact that many of the water is replaced by tea, coffee, soda, juices.This can not be done, because the body is all of the above foods.These beverages are not washed out salt, conversely, promote their deposition in the body.It is necessary to drink daily two liters of plain clean water without gas.

Physical activity

Withdraw excess fluid from the body can help a variety of exercises.Make it a rule to give them every day at least 10 minutes.An excellent option would be a half-hour jog in the morning.If you sign in the gym, it will be even better.All this will increase the metabolism, whereby the swelling will go away.

Traditional methods

to withdraw excess fluid, you can turn to folk remedies.This problem is well copes carrot juice, which is recommended to drink on an empty stomach three times a day.Similarly, we can use and pumpkin juice, he has a softer effect.

Note Kalina.It is best to drink with honey.You need to prepare the broth, bay 20 g viburnum cup of boiling water.Insist broth should be in a thermos for an hour.Take 100 ml three times daily before meals.

Similarly, you can use beans and blackberry.However, remember that herbs and berries body can respond rashes.In this case, you should immediately stop taking.

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