How to bring salt from the body ?

How to bring salt from the body ?

consequences of the accumulation of salts in the body are well known - that, in case of unfavorable developments, kidney stones.Symptoms of these or very painful, and treatment is often long and difficult.In general, under unfavorable conditions of life need to be able to display their own salt, in order to avoid medical intervention.

So, how to get salt from the body?Just note that the body of bad derived alkaline salt, fat and minerals.For example, phosphates, oxalates and urates.In such cases, the liquid used for dissolving the drug and the composition of salts similar to, the principle of "like dissolves like".

poorly soluble salts in most types are alkaline in nature.Accordingly, such output storage administering to alkali solvents, of course, entirely harmless.These are teas that are prepared from plants containing alkaline base (alkonoidy).Alkanoid - is schelochnopodbnye substances containing nitrogen.They found, for example, in sunflower roots.

This tea should drink large doses, for about two months, as salt is derived begin no earlier than two weeks after the start of the application.Check course is recommended only when the urine becomes clear, like water and having no precipitation.Not recommended for the use of sunflower tea drink hot spices, pickles and salted fish and vinegar.Generally, the amount of salt should be moderate, and the preference given to plant foods.

Products carve the salt from the body

For example, juices of certain plants.Juice of black radish removes minerals from the bile ducts and gall bladder, as well as vascular and urinary bladder.The recipe is as follows: 10 kg of black radish cleaned from the roots, wash and then, without removing the peel, cook the juice.It turns out about 3 liters of juice.From

cooking cakes remain which must be mixed with honey (no honey - sugar) in the following proportions: 1 kg of pomace from 300 to 500 grams of sugar.Keep them in the need crimped banks.

Juice stored in the refrigerator.He is drunk one teaspoon an hour after eating.If there will not feel pain in the liver, the dose can be increased to a tablespoon, and then gradually bringing to 0.5 cup.

By the way, the juice of black radish - a strong cholagogue.Therefore, if in the bile ducts have accumulated a lot of minerals, the passage of bile is difficult, and the person feels pain in the liver.To bring salt from the body with severe pain in the liver area is necessary to put a hot water bottle to warm up or to take a bath.When the pain bearable procedure continues until, until the end of juice.Usually, it is only felt in the beginning of procedures, and then gradually disappearing.

Naturally, for the duration of treatment required diet, in particular, should avoid sharp and acidic products.At the end of juice consumed cakes, which by that time sour.They are eaten during the meal one to three tablespoons, until they also do not run out.This procedure is necessary to strengthen the entire body - especially the tissues of the lungs and cardiovascular system.More

dissolved salts by means of bile birds.For example, chicken bile perfectly dissolves minerals, and, in almost all the body.However, it should be consumed with caution and under medical supervision.Drink it as follows: balls of breadcrumbs pour a few drops of bile, then they are immured.Swallows 2-3 balls per procedure, before a meal.Course of treatment: 5 to 10 chicken gallbladder.Bile is stored in a plastic container in the refrigerator.