How to cure a fungus ?

How to cure a fungus ?

skin fungus - a contagious skin disease transmitted by direct contact with the pathogen.Symptoms of skin fungus traditionally - this is dryness and peeling, cracking and itching, changes in skin color of the feet and toes nails.Fungus on the legs causing discomfort when walking.

More recently it was thought that the skin fungus can not be cured.Today, there are many like medication, and people's ways of dealing with this unpleasant disease.Before you understand how to cure fungus, it is worth saying a few words about the factors that trigger the disease.First of all, it is a violation of personal hygiene in public places such as saunas, swimming pools, common soul.Furthermore, this reduced immunity, hormonal drugs, trauma and skin crack stop.

How to treat a fungus on his feet

the treatment of foot fungus always observed the following order:

  • Remedy inflammation infected area;
  • treatment of fungal infections antifungals;
  • Restore healthy skin in order to avoid a repetition of the disease.

So, to eliminate inflammation is recommended to take bath for the feet with a solution of potassium permanganate.It is necessary to brush to remove large scales, remove the horny layer of the skin.With the latter copes well salicylic vaseline 5-20%.

After that must be applied antifungal drugs.They may be in the form of an ointment, gel or cream.For full treatment recommended combine topical treatment with tablets or syrups.Choose an antifungal medicine must be based on the type of fungus.Correctly suggest how to cure fungus in your particular situation, can only physician-mycologist, but today there are many tools that are universal for any kind of foot fungus.These include "Lamisil" "Dermgel" "Clotrimazole" "Itraconazole" "Nizoral" et al. Complete recovery usually occurs after several months of systemic therapy.

If you avoid drugs, you can turn to traditional medicine.It also has methods of how to cure fungus on his feet.For example, commonly used vinegar.Swab dipped in 75 /% solution of acetic acid, is treated as a skin of feet and shoes and underwear, then things are cleaned for days in a sealed package.In addition, it is recommended to boil clothes and infected laundry in 1% formalin solution.

In folk medicine in the treatment of foot fungus using Kombucha.It is necessary to wash your feet in a solution of Kombucha on a daily basis, then at night to put cotton wool soaked in it between the toes.

can use compresses of onion and Vaseline in the ratio of 1: 1.You must apply compresses every evening.

most often with foot fungus occurs and toe nail fungus, as the disease spreads to neighboring healthy areas of the body.

How to cure nail fungus

Nail fungus is diagnosed quite easily.Thus, changing the color and shape of the nail plate, there are bands and spots of yellow and white flowers up to complete discolouration.Most nail fungus begins with the edges of the nail plate, then the whole area is affected.

Treatment of this disease is similar to the treatment of foot fungus.The most effective is the use of strong antifungal drugs, but in this case preferably in the form of an ointment or gel.However, there are special means for the treatment of nail fungus such as "Terbinafine".Remember that only a competent doctor can tell you how to cure fungus on the nails.Self-medication in this case is not welcome.

From folk remedies may be advisable to compress celandine.Gruel of celandine and iodinol applied to the infected site twice a day.

also use propolis.Dipped in pharmacy tincture of propolis cotton swab is applied to your nails every night.The treatment in this case is at least 3 months.

Iodine is quite common folk remedy for the treatment of nail fungus.It recommended twice per day applied to the affected fungus place 1 drop of iodine.With effective treatment, the first signs of the fungus leaving a week later.

Remember that the best treatment - is prevention.Therefore, rules of personal hygiene, do not walk barefoot on the beach, public bath, swimming pool.And wash your feet regularly and dry shoes.If you abide by these simple rules, you will not have to worry about how to cure fungus.