How to cure a bone on his leg ?

How to cure a bone on his leg ?

Bone on his leg - the unpleasant manifestations of the disease, which is scientifically called a valgus deformity of the big toe.The affected joint becomes hard, red and sore all the time, every movement is converted into a torture.Difficult to pick up the shoes, it is necessary to abandon the open models, long walking almost impossible.The question of how to cure the bone on the foot, becomes the most important problem.

If you start treatment immediately after the onset of visible symptoms, the disease is quite possible to cope at home.There are several treatments, most of which are effective following the rules provided.

bandage - an effective rescue

unique way to deal with the manifestation of the disease - is a special orthopedic bandage.It is used at night and gently reduces inflammation, eliminating discomfort.Efficiency proven - for a few months can make proper use of to get rid of the pain and discomfort when walking.

Help comes clay

This tool is perfect to remove the tumor, remove skin irritations, inflammation and burning sensation.The clay is mixed with turpentine and sea salt, and as a compress applied to the leg bone at the site of inflammation.

Sol - a great disinfectant

This tool is perfect for tumors at an early stage: using salt can achieve their complete disappearance in just a fortnight.Sea, stone, or a very large salt dissolves in water, in such a bath should keep your feet until it cools down.The course of treatment - 14 days.

Iodine mesh against bumps nagrubevshey

Iodine - a great tool relieve pain and get rid of the inflammation.Before his application the place of formation of bone is recommended to grease camphor oil.

Potato peel - a proven tool

boiled for 15 minutes potato peels placed in a tray, on top of the water topped up;it should be enough to cover the legs to the ankles.Treatment time - half an hour daily.After 10 days, bone resolve.

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