How to cure a light ?

How to cure a light ?

Serious lung disease most often - the result of careless treatment of lighter and non-hazardous ailments.Immediately note: engaged exclusively in self - hence endanger their lives.It is best to know how to cure a lung, a doctor who can take into account your general condition, possible complications in the treatment and features of the disease.

task of the patient is a doctor and help your body.So before you decide to treat yourself lungs, seriously think about the possible consequences.Those who listened to the doctor and take action in parallel with prescription medication, the following tips will help.


Improvement In many lung problems to maintain this body may consist of equal amounts of honey, lard, butter and cocoa.It is heated to a uniform mixture, flavored with a tablespoon of aloe juice and stored in the refrigerator.Twice a day, spoon the mixture is dissolved in a cup of hot milk and drink.

very effective and is a means of: adult aloe leaves hold in the refrigerator for two weeks in a sealed container to prevent exposure to light.Then they are washed, crushed and filled with a triple volume of water.After an hour of infusion pressed juice, which is mixed with crushed walnuts (pound per 100 ml of juice) and honey (half cup).Tablespoon of the mixture is consumed half an hour before each meal.More tips in the article How to clean the lungs.


At the very beginning of the disease give good results packs of cottage cheese (definitely fresh) mixed with whey.The layer should be thick - a half centimeters.

will help overcome pneumonia infusion of viburnum on a hot honey.Soaking them should be about 6 hours, taken several times a day, regardless of meals.

reliable way to cure lung during inflammation - drink a warm infusion of leaves mother and stepmother, dried raspberries and marjoram.All components are taken equally, in a glass of boiling water brewed collection spoon.


This disease can not be cured without antibiotics, for that matter, and pneumonia.However, you can help the drug: Take 2 parts of lungwort, licorice root, Knotweed, leaves and flowers mother and stepmother and sage.These are added to 1 part: nettle, fruit of eucalyptus, pine buds, cranberry leaves, rosemary, primrose and horsetail.The composition of the complex, but for your own health and you can try.In the cup boiling water 2 tablespoons night and insist in a thermos.Half a cup of this infusion combined with the same volume of milk and honey and drink in the morning and before bedtime.

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