How to treat leg folk remedies ?

How to treat leg folk remedies ?

If you are after a busy day began to notice that you have the evening swollen or aching legs, then it's time to take care of them a little bit.Aching feet can be due to various reasons.If pain or other negative symptoms are very strong, it is better to be a long time do not hesitate to immediately contact a doctor.However, it also happens that the legs ache a bit only slightly - in this case it is necessary to try to solve the problem with the help of folk remedies.

Leg pain can be caused by problems with blood vessels, inflammatory or degenerative changes in the joints, as well as metabolic disorders.Let's talk about how you can cure feet folk remedies in each of these cases.

How to cure varicose veins on the legs

One of the best home remedies for varicose legs - horse chestnut tincture.No wonder many pharmaceutical drugs used to treat this disease, it is made based on it.This medicinal tincture can easily prepare yourself.To do this, the autumn to collect ripe chestnuts, grind them big steel knife and fill the chestnut mass three-liter jar half.Then you pour the prepared raw alcohol or vodka to the edge and close the jar tightly.Put it on a month in a dark place, do not forget from time to time to stir the contents well.After this, the infusion should be lubricated it and drain the sore spots in the morning and evening.After a while you will notice that the swollen veins smoothed out, pale and gone under the skin, and legs stopped hurting in the evening.

How to cure leg joints in arthritis and arthrosis

Arthritis well help compresses, which are easily prepared at home, since they contain ingredients that are in almost every home: this is a normal school chalk and simple yogurt.For the preparation of such therapeutic compress good must be carefully pound piece of chalk, pour it into a cup and add to yogurt, continuously stirring the whole mass.When the mixture acquires the consistency of a thick slurry, it should be applied to the affected joint legs, cover with cling film on top, tie the top with a clean cloth and leave overnight.Soon, the pain subsides in the inflamed joint.

When osteoarthritis should try to attach to the sore spot is well washed and mashed burdock leaf.It must be firmly pressed to the joint, cover with foil, and lay warming bandage over it.

How to cure bone on

feet Traditional healers claim that the most effective means of seed on her feet is a bile poultry.It is necessary to buy fresh chicken or duck giblets, find some small liver gallbladder, pushing it to separate and bird bile lubricate the affected area.After one or two sessions the pain will pass, and if you continue treatment, you'll soon notice that the bone begins to shrink in size.