How to cure your nails ?

How to cure your nails ?

reasons for problems with nails can be varied.This aggressive impact of the environment, and the overall weak state of your body, and the lack of certain trace elements and vitamins.One of the most frequent causes of poor condition of the nails are fungal diseases.Nails affected by fungus, stiffen or thicken, covered with cracks, turn yellow and start to crumble.Finding at such alarming symptoms, we must urgently begin treatment.

How to cure nail fungus

can seek medical attention - mycologist, who after the necessary tests will prescribe a course of treatment and prescribe appropriate medications.Independently treat nail fungus can be only at the beginning of the disease, when the process has not gone too far yet.

Traditional healers as an effective means to combat the fungus are advised to use concentrated alcohol tincture of propolis.According to them, if every day of the infusion liberally lubricate the affected nail fungus, they will be completely healthy in a couple of months, and fungus will be forgotten.

can learn more about how to get rid of the mold, you can out of our two articles: the first deals with general ways and means of getting rid of the fungus, and the second is about how to cure fungus toenails.

In addition to problems with fungal diseases, nails can deliver us and other cares and troubles.Sometimes they start to exfoliate, become brittle, on the surface may appear unsightly spots or transverse grooves.However, with all these unhealthy manifestations can and should fight, the main thing - to know exactly how they should be treated.

How to Cure the nails on the hands

brittle nails

Often nails become brittle due to too frequent use of nail polish.Do not use nail polish every day!Nails also need to "breathe".Give them the same opportunity, and do not cover the varnish at least 2-3 days a week.

Nails can be strengthened by making daily salt bath for the fingers.To prepare a bath of sea salt must dissolve in a glass of warm water, followed by a dip in her fingers and hold them there for 10 minutes.One of the best remedies for the treatment of brittle nails - it is a regular alcoholic solution of iodine, bought at the pharmacy.They should be lubricated each nail 2-3 times a week for one month.

strengthen brittle nails and help their daily rubbing a slice of fresh lemon.After applying lemon nails should be lubricated with olive oil or a nourishing cream to prevent excessive dryness.

Layering polish

Nails can exfoliate due to the fact that your body lacks micronutrients such as zinc and silicon.Try to include in your daily diet of bananas, parsley and lettuce - they replenish your body missing him silicon.Eliminate the use of zinc deficiency help of bran bread, as well as nuts and seeds.

Sometimes the nails start to exfoliate strongly after frequent washings manually and daily washing of a large amount of dishes.Make it a rule to perform all chores associated with it by immersion in a soap solution, only in rubber gloves.

third reason polish bundle may be incorrect technique of manicure.If your nails are inclined to the foliation, you should immediately eliminate the use of a metal nail file.File nails should be exclusively a glass nail file lightly committed in only one direction.Great influence on the layer of nails has natural beeswax.Apply it should be like this: in the evening a small piece of wax should be put in a small bowl and put in a water bath.When it melts, it is necessary to dip the tips of her fingers, then quickly remove them and wait until the wax hardens.Keep the resulting waxy "naperstochki" on the nails at least an hour, then they can be removed.Do these procedures 2-3 times a week for one month and you will see that your nails are much stronger.More to strengthen nails look for recipes in this article.