How to cure a finger ?

How to cure a finger ?

In the human body, each part of the body performs a specific function.Some people solve complex problems, while others - more simple, but there is no de minimis or unnecessary.For example, fingers.Without them, the man would find it difficult to do even the most mundane things.This is particularly evident if at least one of them is injured.We offer to learn how to cure a finger when he bruised, expecting trouble, or was prischemlen.

How to cure a bruised finger

Bruising can be serious and not very good, but to determine the degree of its severity once quite difficult.Exclude a crack or fracture can be experienced doctor, but even in the case of the usual injury is necessary to resort to treatment.

First aid for injuries lies on the application of cold to the injured tissue.Generally recommend the use of ice or snow from the refrigerator (if it occurred on the street in the winter), but if there is not, and that, and another - rescue the icy water.A cold compress constricts blood vessels, the blood ceases to flow to the site of injury and a bruise or hematoma are significantly smaller.The cold will also help relieve the pain and after a while your finger will be to tie a tight bandage.Under the bandage to reduce swelling, a layer of ointment, which includes heparin.

Traditional methods of treatment injury

can use traditional methods for treatment of injuries.A good tool is a plantain leaf.His fingers gently kneaded, until the surface of the droplets of juice and then applied to the injured spot.In the absence of plantain it will replace the cabbage leaf or cut in half aloe leaf.

good idea to apply a poultice of horsetail and birch buds.Take 1 tbsp.l.each component pour cup of boiling water and allowed to digest for two hours.Gauze soaked infusion, applied to bruised finger, not earlier than two days after the injury, is fixed with a bandage.Twice daily update packs.

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How to treat a pinched finger

Many of us had to deal with a situation where the finger appeared pinched.Each time such an event is accompanied by severe pain and the appearance of edema.We learn how to behave in a given situation, and what methods to treat a pinched finger.

  • Avoid fracture.To do this, try to move a finger, if there is a very strong pain, then most likely, it's a fracture, and heal its own will not work.
  • Take Ibuprofen.This medicament relieves pain and reduces swelling and inflammation.Drink the medicine should be in accordance with the instruction for some time, until the swelling and the pain does not go away.
  • reduce swelling and inflammation in the development of pinched fingers will help the cold.Attach it to the ice, pre-wrapped in tissue.
  • Provide patient finger rest.Now he needs a minimum of mobility to the injured tissue is not strained and restored as quickly as possible.You can even primotat injured finger to a neighboring healthy, using the latter as a bus.Try
  • often lift a finger above the heart level.This will ensure that the outflow of venous blood and accelerate the regeneration of damaged tissues.
  • Once the pain and swelling disappear, fixing the dressing can be removed.But to return to the affected finger is still active should be gradual, protecting it from over-active action for several days.

How to treat an abscess finger

In a situation where the finger run up, you need to apply the ointment to the anti-inflammatory effect, it may be an ointment or Dioksidin Levomekol.In the absence of these drugs, you can use folk remedies.To speed ripening abscess using the following method:

  1. Take baked onion, rubbed on a fine grater, also comes with soap.
  2. 2 tbsp.l.grated onion mixed with 1 tbsp.l.grated soap.
  3. mixture is applied to the boil and cover with a clean bandage.
  4. Compress updated every 4 hours.

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