How to cure pneumonia ?

How to cure pneumonia ?

Pneumonia, or otherwise pneumonia - a disease of the respiratory system characterized by inflammation in the lung tissue.There are virus (more common in children), bacterial and fungal pneumonia.Today we talk about how to cure pneumonia.

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Signs and causes of the disease

Signs of pneumonia in children (cough, fever, profuse sweating, fever, headache or muscle pain and so on.) Can occur in autumn and spring, as well as weakened immunity.As for adults, in addition to the cold season, the disease can cause exposure to chemicals (for example, when working with gasoline liquids).In addition, during the illness is often a sharp pain in his chest.Read more in the article How to hurt the lungs |Pneumonia.

How to treat pneumonia

Pneumonia is considered a dangerous disease (a high proportion of mortality).Therefore, doctors strongly advised to immediately seek help from medical institutions and not to self-medicate.This is especially true of young children (under 3 years), older people and smokers.Moreover, that very often doctors hospitalized patients.

Depending on the type of pneumonia appointed antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal agents.

If you still chose home treatment, it is recommended that strict bed rest for the entire course of treatment (7-10 days).

If there is no heat, you can take warm baths, inhalations (calendula, chamomile, eucalyptus, potato broth), put the mustard.

To eliminate the cough and expectoration of sputum should be taken mukaltinovye funds.To eliminate the pain in the chest can make lung massage and breathing exercises.

When sore throat rinse should be done with soda solution (you can add a drop of iodine).

During illness requires plenty of warm drinks (plenty of pure water).In addition, effectively helping various teas (raisins, Aloe).