How not to get sick ?

How not to get sick ?

Many people, moving this or that disease, wondering what to do to not get sick?This not only applies to colds, because usually, many people suffer from cardiovascular diseases, and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and joint diseases.What can be done in this case, so they all went around the human side?

Preventive measures

colds In order not to hurt SARS should maintain their immunity.Every spring guzzle multivitamins, and ascorbic acid, include in your diet as much as possible healthy food.Good idea to consult with your doctor and guzzle agents that enhance the immune system, for example, "Immunal", "Imuneks", "Imunorm".

be less contact with people in the midst of a flu epidemic.Many will say that this is impossible, but to avoid the infection will help oxolinic ointment, followed by smear in the nose before you leave home.Just as it is impossible, by the way, will fall gauze, cotton-gauze disposable masks, which are a good prevention of SARS.In addition, do not kiss, cuddle with infected people.Not least in the matter and clothing, you should dress for the weather, as well as to make sure that the house was not cold, it is important to always maintain optimal humidity and air temperature in the room.take a cold shower for a healthy body and spirit should be at least half an hour to walk before bedtime and in the morning, after hardening is an excellent prevention of SARS.In times of epidemic should include in your diet more foods that contain vitamin C. It should be at least chime instead of coffee to drink tea with lemon.

Prevention of cardiovascular disease

Most people faced with cardiovascular disease, as hypertension, coronary artery disease, heart failure, myocardial infarction and others.How not to get sick this bouquet?First of all, you have to pay attention to your diet and give up snacking as hamburgers and shuarmy such foods contain high amounts of cholesterol and calories and vitamins, fiber and minerals, so necessary to any organism, in which only a tiny fraction.That's why the villagers, eating natural products, in the form of vegetables, fruits and seafood, much healthier citizens.But the real killer for the vessels and the heart is nicotine.It causes persistent spasm of blood vessels, damaging their walls, and is a cause of deposition of cholesterol plaques.In addition, toxic effects renders alcohol.It dilates blood vessels at the beginning, and then brings them into spastic condition.Also it is necessary to know that alcohol is a poison for the heart muscle.Therefore, about alcohol and cigarettes will have to forget, if you want, what would you have similar problems bypassed party.

Not least among the factors that affect blood vessels and heart, takes stress.In a stressful situation in a person's blood is thrown out a lot of adrenaline, which is narrowing the blood vessels, speeds up the heart, and thereby increases the pressure, as a result of physical inactivity observed in humans.The answer to the question of how not to get sick in this dynamic world like ours, is to relax and charge in the morning.It is necessary to get up earlier to do exercises and cook your own full breakfast.And on weekends, you can easily get into the mountains, take a bike ride or simply go to the pool.Many refer to her fatigue and laziness, which can be defeated only develop the habit of doing all of the above, and if you do not find yourself in a hospital bed, and will enjoy life.

prevention of joint diseases

Many people complain about joint disease, what to do to not get sick, and even in old age have no problems with them?The first thing to keep an eye on your diet.The deposition of calcium salts, and occurs due to excessive physical exertion, as well as excessive consumption of meat, because its decomposition products are salts of uric acid, which causes inflammation of the joints, damage.In addition, you should try to reduce your weight, because overweight, pressing on the joints, deforming them.You should clean the water through the filter of harmful salts.To prevent osteoarthritis need to say "goodbye" fatty meat, beans, salt, smoked, dried fish, pickled products.In your diet to include marine unsalted fish, herbs (parsley, celery), black currant, wild rose, buckwheat, flaxseed oil, and more to drink grapefruit juice.

In addition, it is necessary to know that the monotony of poses and limited movement are the worst enemies of the joints.Long distance leads to the fact that the spine and some groups of muscles are suffering congestion, and other relaxing, which causes deformation of the joints.Therefore it is necessary every 15 minutes to change the position of the body, just as you need to do, and while sitting.Care must be taken to correct the position of the spine during sleep, and then the joints will not hurt, and you're good to relax.As for the transfer of loads, it is possible is better to use trolleys and trolley bags.

prevention of gastrointestinal diseases

Many wonder how not to hurt gastrointestinal diseases.The answer is quite simple - you need to watch your diet.Firstly, you should include in your diet more fiber, as well as not to overeat than sinning, many people.In addition, doctors are advised to go to a separate power supply, that is, separately carbohydrates, proteins separately.This is due to the fact that our stomach can not simultaneously select multiple enzymes, it is his only confusing, and ultimately, undigested food goes into the intestine, which is also not able to digest it, of course, while one does not feel any discomfort, but thisgo on forever can not, and as a result he develops various problems associated with ZHTH.And when people have everything and more, and drinks alcohol is then permanently health is simply not enough.Also a separate food should always go up from the table a little hungry, then you do not have to take pills and go to doctors.

Warn rather than treat

Besides the above, you can add only one piece of advice that doctors constantly repeated to us: you have to take the survey every six months, even if you do nothing and does not hurt.This measure will allow to identify the disease at an early stage, then the treatment will be shorter and you can avoid complications.Now you know what to do to not get sick, and by all means take advantage of the advice given in this article.Be healthy!