How to keep warm ?

How to keep warm ?

no secret that winter like not all people.For winter - this is, first of all, cold, biting wind, ice and snow underfoot.But on the other side of winter - it's still fun, fun on skis, skates and roller coaster.Each refers to the winter in different ways, for some it's fun, but for some it's cold and the wind.And in the first and second cases, not to get frostbite of the feet and hands, and peeling of the skin, you must take responsibility for the protection of his body from the cold.

In this article we look at 10 ways how to stay warm in the winter.


  1. Before you go out, it should be good to eat.After all, everyone knows that food for humans - it is, above all, energy, and 75% of its leaves in the winter to heat the body.In the winter time it is desirable to consume 400 calories more.You should also know that vegetables - is, of course, is good and useful to the body, but the diet must be present and meat.If we continue to eat well, both in the summer, then in a short time can make chronic fatigue.Moreover, the winter vegetables are very different from summer.And people with a heightened sensitivity to cold should eat fish, meat, potatoes, nuts, grapes, bananas.
  2. drinks.It is worth noting that alcohol is not really heated properly.Yes, they heat the body, but in a very short time.Coffee, by the way, also does not produce the desired effect, it is better to take an herbal green tea or take note of the following recipe: add the usual juice from apples one teaspoon of cinnamon powder, then bring the mixture to a boil and drink as tea.
  3. tummo Technique.Some monks have tummo technology, capable of drying quickly on your body wet towels in cold winter evening.The technology consists in the fact that the monks sitting in the snow, mentally given birth a flame, with the size of the hair, gradually increasing the heat and pushing it out of the body.
  4. Do periodically massage the feet and hands.Be sure before you leave the cold and on his return to the heat, it is desirable to do massage.To arms and legs got a quick influx of heat, you can use a variety of creams, adding to them a couple of drops of sage, ginger and fennel.You can bend and unbend the fingers, as if adjusting blood and rubbing them.
  5. Proper breathing also helps to warm the body.In winter you need to breathe slowly and in small breaths.
  6. Try tempered.Moreover, it should be done sequentially from wiping with a towel and then proceeding to cold water.
  7. cast method.Some actors during winter surveys on their shoulders glued ordinary mustard plaster, thanks to him, the blood rushes to the body faster.
  8. thermal underwear.If you are constantly merznu worth thinking about buying a special thermal underwear, which will help prevent heat loss of the body.
  9. In general, with regard to clothing, use natural fabrics made of cotton and wool.Synthetic jacket in cold weather you will not warm.Under the basic clothing wear cotton T-shirt - like, a small thing, but the heat from it will increase.Always wear a hat, gloves (gloves), scarf, iecomplete outfit.
  10. If you freeze the house, you should insulate your home, purchase an additional oil cooler or a heat gun.

Pick up shoes and gloves

The very first thing in the extreme cold start freezing hands and feet.But the fact that it was in the cold blood starts to slow down and, consequently, it does not flow into the foot and toes.But even our grandmothers said that the most important thing - to keep in the warmth of the head and legs.

to his feet did not freeze, it should be for the winter to pick up the appropriate shoes.Firstly, winter boots must move on the flat high-sole.Second, the shoes should not be narrow, otherwise blood will not be able to fully circulate.Undoubtedly, women and severe frost desire to look good and beautiful, but high boots on high heels will never be able to give the correct heating your footsteps.In cold weather it is best to fit boots, Quilted boots or with so-called "tractor" sole.

early as minus 10 degrees should even replace the warmest gloves mittens simple.Because gloves providing one area for the fingers, hands not freeze, in other words, the fingers warm one another.

If you are unable to maintain the warmth and you still frostbitten hands or feet, learn about first aid from the article What to do if frostbite.