How to clean the blood ?

How to clean the blood ?

The human body is more than 35 liters of circulating fluid from which blood accounts for about 15%, ie 5-6 liters.Blood performs the most important function of all liquids - transport of various substances for the commission of the metabolic processes in the body.blood of various toxins pollution makes it difficult to metabolism and purification of cells, so it is important that the blood was clean.Here we'll show you how to clean the blood by various means.The main ways to cleanse the traditional way, as well as how to clean the blood of folk remedies: using various herbs, vegetables, fruits and cereals.It should be noted that these methods of purification of the blood do not cause any complaints from the official medicine.


Blood Purification via enterosorbents gives very good results.Sorbents - are special products which absorb harmful substances, taking them out of the body naturally.They derive from ogranizma and toxins from the blood, waste products, dead cells, and even harmful bacteria and, moreover, to prevent the penetration of new blood toxins.

Usually blood purification rate using entersorbentov lasts from 1 week to 10 days.After applying sorbents in humans a decrease in fatigue, increase immunity and improve general health.

How to clean the blood of folk remedies

method first

First, you need a two-day starvation.After that, you can eat salad of cabbage and beets and drink cranberry, blackberry and grape juices.Drink half a glass of juice is necessary for either one glass 3 times a day.If you are confused the preliminary starvation, try other ways of purifying blood.

second method

This and other methods of blood purification can be used without prior starvation.To prepare this infusion you need to take the strawberry leaves, grass tricolor violet, black chestnut leaves and grass nettle.Mix these ingredients in equal proportions, pour boiling water (at the rate of one cup of boiling water 4 teaspoons of mixture) and leave for 20-30 minutes.Drink this infusion can be as much as you want - there are no restrictions.

third method

To do this we need the infusion: burdock root, echinacea (2 teaspoons), nettle leaf, clover, elderberry, mint flowers (for 2 and a half teaspoons).Now you need to boil 5 cups of water and add the first echinacea and burdock root.Now boil this tincture for 10 minutes, then add the nettle leaves.Again boil for 10 minutes and add the remaining ingredients (clover, mint and elder).Now infuse the mixture for about 7 minutes, then filter.Take the infusion should be two to three times a day for half a cup.

fourth method

Perhaps the most simple way and, at the same time, one of the most effective.One need only take a glass of oats and fill it with two cups of warm boiled water.Let the mixture brew for a day, strain and the infusion is ready for use.It must drink half a glass two-three times a day.The value of the infusion of oats is that it not only displays virtually all the toxins from the blood, but also prevents them from again absorbed.

fifth method

Another simple and useful way.Take two teaspoons of calendula flowers and fill them with 2 cups of boiling water.Let sit for 25-30 minutes, then strain.Take tincture of calendula is necessary before a meal - half a cup two or three times a day.

method sixth

This method is useful not only for the purification of blood, but for the washing of the intercellular substance.One tablespoon of crushed leaves of currants to pour 2 cups of boiling water.After the solution configure themselves for 2 hours, it is necessary to drain, and then it is ready for use.Take tincture currants should be two to three times a day for half a cup.

method seventh

For this liqueur we need 2.5 tablespoons of leaves mother and stepmother.Fill them a glass of boiling water, then insist within an hour.Thereafter, the resulting solution is necessary to filter and is ready for use.It is necessary to take one tablespoon of at least six times per day.

Duration of treatment may vary - depending on the blood contamination.The average is about 2 weeks.During this time, your health should improve.Of course, we can not forget about a variety of useful exercises that will allow you to stay active, so necessary in order to avoid all sorts of stagnant processes in the body.If you know of other proven ways to cleanse the blood of toxins, write to us about them!